Read One Piece Manga Chapter 499


The chapter begins with Shakuyaku saying goodbye to the Straw Hats who go to find the paint mechanic. The scene cuts to the bounty hunters Minorub and Kairiken discussing the mermaid that was seen with Luffy. The head of the kidnapping team, Peterman, promises ten percent of the money they would get for Camie to the bounty hunters who bring him this information. Meanwhile, Luffy and the others arrive at Sabaody Park and start enjoying themselves there.
The scene shifts to Groove 24 with the arrival of a celestial dragon namely Saint Charlos. He kills a badly injured human being and decides to make an engaged nurse (Marie) his sixth wife by shooting her fiancé. Zoro, wondering if he is lost and unaware of the situation, goes to the Sky Dragon and upsets him. Noble tries to shoot Zoro, who dodges before the bullet can connect. Zoro tries to attack Charlos, but Jewelry Bonney deals with him and fakes Zoro’s death using his devil fruit powers and some tomato juice, knowing that attacking a world noble would result in the admiral having to come to the island. After being informed of the situation by Bonney, Zoro takes the injured man to the hospital, to the surprise of some of the other supernovas who are nearby, Scratchmen Apoo notes that Zoro had triggered a very high killing intent a moment ago.
In the Thousand Sunny, Sanji, Usopp, and Franky receive a call from Den Den Mushi telling them that Camie has been kidnapped. Sanji replies that he will inform the flying fish riders.

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