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The chapter opens with Duval greeting Sanji. He tells Duval about Camie’s kidnapping and Duval agrees to help them. She boards Motobaro, saying that she has a few ideas as to who might have grabbed her. At Sabaody Park, Chopper is worried about Camie being kidnapped. Meanwhile, Brook acts so calm that Chopper is shocked by his behavior. Rosy Life riders find the Straw Hats around the archipelago and pick them up. They find Chopper and Brook resting by themselves. They split up to find information on different groups of kidnappers and find the rest of the group. Sanji is annoyed that Motobaro won’t go faster.
The scene shifts to Grove 22 in the human store, where Luffy questions the merchant about mermaids being bought and sold. A guy tries to sell Luffy a fake mermaid, but he is not fooled and refuses. Luffy, Hatchan and Pappag come out and start calling Camie’s name. With all the shouting, the other pirates notice and recognize Luffy. Pappag regrets going to the park and taking Camie. He then adds that everyone on the island has it for Camie and Hatchan.
The scene changes to Robin and Nami driving to the bon-chari with several shopping bags. Robin explains to Nami how two hundred years ago, the World Government made a treaty with Fish-Man Island that ended the enslavement of fish-men and merfolk, who until then were considered just another species of fish. The slave trade is a remnant of what it was before the treaty, and although supposedly abolished, it still exists in the archipelago. Robin is about to explain more when Franky interrupts. He tells them to get on the flying fish because Camie has been kidnapped.
Luffy comforts Hatchan and Pappag, sees the Rosy Life Riders and decides to go with them.
The scene changes to Grove 1, the location of the human auction house. Elegantly dressed noblemen enter the building. In the back entrance of the building, Peterman leaves and tells the attendant to make sure they get a good price. The attendant thanks him and tells Peterman to come back later for his share of the sale price. Two World Nobles will appear. A man greets them at the door and asks if they would be okay if they were on the same level as the commoners. Rosward says he doesn’t care because he won’t bid. Shalria notes that her brother Charlos is late as they enter the building. Rosward replies that it’s because he rides a human and he should get a fishman.
Inside the auction house, Eustass Kid talks about the world’s nobility and slavery, saying that the rest of the world seems humane in comparison. He adds that they are the reason the world is in such turmoil and says that at least pirates have a nice side to them and asks Killer if he agrees. One of the pirates alerts Kid to someone, and Kid recognizes him as Trafalgar Law, adding that he has heard unpleasant rumors about him, to which Law points the middle finger at Kid.
Backstage, a guard asks the auctioneer, Disco, if he heard about what they got today. Disco says the special feature today is the giant. The guard tells him about Camie. Disco then goes to the holding area where two guards are manipulating Camie. Disco checks on Camie and says that Peterman has outdone himself. Camie sticks her tongue out at him and Disco slaps her. He’s about to kick her when the guards tell him not to because he won’t sell as high if she’s injured, saying that he should hit her where her clothes hide it. Camie tearfully tells them that Hatchan will show up and make them regret their actions. Disco then suddenly passes out. As the workers rush to find the doctor, two slaves watch from their cell. The giant tells the other to stop messing around and asks if he is responsible for the “spirit” explosion. The man laughs and tells the giant that he’s just an old man in the paint business who can’t ignore a pretty girl. The chapter ends with the old man being introduced as the first officer of the Roger Pirates, Silvers Rayleigh.

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