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The auction house is shocked by the blow, Luffy knocks out the Saint Charles Sky Dragon and smashes it into several empty benches. Everyone, including Camie, Pappag, and Hatchan, are shocked while Luffy acts like it’s nothing, with only Kid and Law smiling at his outrageous actions. Luffy immediately apologizes, knowing that his attack on the World Nobles will bring the Admiral of the Marines, but Zoro admits that he was going to attack the World Nobles as well, while the rest of the crew move to free Camie from her bowl. prison.
Unfortunately, the remaining Sky Dragons, Saint Rosward and Saint Shalria are horrified by Luffy’s actions. Rosward draws his weapon, but Sanji kicks it out of his hand before taking out the guard coming towards him. More guards appear to protect the mermaid, but Zoro and Franky take care of them easily. Luffy continues his defiance of the World Nobles and Rosward threatens to send for the Admiral. The rest of the auction house soon clears out as Zoro cuts and opens Camii’s bowl, grateful for the rescue.
Amidst the growing chaos, the Rosy Life Riders arrive with more crew members as Disco attempts to protect the slave he intends to sell. Rosward continues to threaten action against the pirates until Usopp accidentally lands on his head and knocks him to the ground. Robin and Brook help fight the guards. Luffy comments that the marines are “coming”, but Law corrects him by saying that “they’re already here” around the auction house, though Luffy is now more interested in the bear in his crew.
Angered by how things turned out, Shalria confiscates Camie from the Disco and threatens to kill her. But before anyone can do anything to stop her, she suddenly passes out when Silvers Rayleigh finally emerges with his giant prison mate, talking about the money he stole back and lost gambling earlier. Everyone stares at his appearance, but Hatchan immediately identifies him as his friend and paint engineer. He realizes who is on the Octopus’s side of the trouble and emits a mysterious energy that causes almost everyone in the building to pass out, except for the Heart Pirates, Kid Pirates, and the Straw Hat Pirates and their allies. Rayleigh identifies Luffy by his straw hat immediately after his deed, stating that he wanted to meet him.

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