Read One Piece Manga Chapter 504


Word of the Sky Dragon’s attack on the Human Auction House quickly spreads across the archipelago. The other six super rookies immediately plan to escape the island before the expected admiral arrives.
Meanwhile, up at Mary Geoise, news comes in about the sky dragon incident. Kizaru assures the others that he will take care of them personally.
At the same time, Disco calls Donquixote Doflamingo to help because the Human Auction House is his owner. Doflamingo tells Disco that slavery is old news and to never call him again. Disco desperately tries to convince Doflamingo to help, but he refuses. He mentions that all seven warriors of the sea are gathering at Mary Geoise to begin a battle against the Whitebeard Pirates.
Back at the Human Auction House, the marines have mortars ready to take out the pirates. Inside, Silvers Rayleigh tries to remove Camia’s explosive collar. It starts beeping and looks like it’s going to explode. Fortunately, at the last second, he successfully disconnects the collar, seconds before it explodes. Franky comes out frustrated with the keys. He throws the keys to the slaves in the prison cell and tells them to leave before the nobles return. The Straw Hat Pirates wonder what Rayleigh did to make the guards pass out. Hatchan says he believes it’s Haki. Kid and Law are shocked to see the “Dark King” here, but Rayleigh claims he’s just an old paint engineer. He then thanks the Straw Pirates for saving Hatchan.
Back outside, the Marines threaten to use force to get the World Nobles back. They also mention that an admiral is on his way. Kid tells Luffy and Law that he will go out and take care of the marines himself, which angers Law and Luffy. Outside, Luffy, Law, and Kid confront the marines. The marines fire their mortars, which Luffy, Kidd, and Law counter with their abilities, Gomu Gomu no Fusen, Repel, and “Room” and “Shambles”. The marines then realize that the cannons are useless because the pirate captains are all Devil Fruit users.

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