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Outside the Human Auction Hall, the Heart Pirates begin to escape as Bepo defeats the Marines with ease and agility. Jean Bart destroys the bridge behind them, and as he runs with Bepo, Bepo makes sure that Bart knows that since he is new, he is of lower rank than Bepo.
Soon after, Law spots Kid and his crew fighting what appears to be Bartholomew Kuma. Kuma says Law’s name and fires a laser beam at Law. Jean Bart states that it is not surprising that the Sea Warrior is in the Saboady Archipelago due to its proximity to Marine HQ and Mary Geoise. Law, Kid and their crews prepare to fight as Kuma pulls off his gauntlet.
In Grove 8, Duval beat up the Hound Pets leader Peterman and dropped off the Straw Hat Pirates, Hatchan, Camie and Rayleigh at Shakky’s Rip-off Bar.
Much to the surprise of all the straw pirates, Rayleigh tells them that he was the vice-captain and first mate of the Roger Pirates under Gol D. Roger. He then tells the pirates the story of Roger’s pirates and reveals that the marines never caught them as many people thought, but that Roger surrendered to the marines. Rayleigh also reveals that four years before Roger’s death, Roger discovered that he had a terrible disease that could not be cured. Rayleigh states that Crocus sailed with them as a doctor, keeping an eye on Roger’s health. Crocus is a name known to Straw Hat Pirates because he is the person on the Twin Capes at the beginning of the Grand Line. Brook knows Crocus the most because he entrusted Crocus with his whale Laboona. Rayleigh says that Crocus joined the Roger Pirates while searching for another pirate crew, the Rumbar Pirates, Brook’s crew. Although Crocus only stayed with the Roger Pirates for three years, Rayleigh still considered him a member of the crew.
Rayleigh starts talking about Roger how he was always happy and liked flashy things like parties or battles. But then Roger ordered the Roger Pirates to be disbanded, which they did. After one year of disbanding, Roger surrendered, was taken to his hometown of Loguetown in East Blue, where he was executed. Rayleigh says that the last words Roger himself said to him were “I’m not gonna die, mate.” Rayleigh then says that his execution was meant to be a warning to other pirates in the world; however, his death began the Great Age of Piracy. Rayleigh says that the only people who can create the Pirate Age are actually the people who live in it. He also states that Shanks and Buggy were in the square. It is revealed that Shanks spoke to Rayleigh about Luffy and that Shanks and Buggy were once apprenticed to the Roger Pirates.
At Grove 27 harbor, a pirate says a naval battleship has arrived, possibly with an admiral on board. They all start to run as a marine battleship starts firing on the island and Kizaru runs into one of the cannonballs. As it explodes, Kizaru lands and calls out through Den Den Mushi.

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