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Franky, Usopp and Brook dodged another blast from the man, all in awe of his attacks. They were arguing about the possibility that the weapon could be a beam when the man spotted them and fired. Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji all charged forward at the man with the triple combo of the ‘Mouton Jet 36 Pound Cannon’ and sent him flying into a nearby building. Nami and Chopper stared in awe at the power of their nakama. However, Robin stated that since their opponent was a sea warrior, it would not be that easy to take him down. Zoro soon told Sanji and Luffy about his theory about Kuma being fake, and that if it was true, it would be a problem because there were more Kuma’s who were as strong as the real person himself.
Urouge told Kuma that he was different than before, and when he used his new muscular form, Urouge hit Kuma with “Inga Zarashi”. Urouge continued to punch Kumu and finally threw him into the wall. Hawkins was thinking about Urouge’s sudden change in power when a beam of light coming from Kumo Pacifista pierced through Urouge’s skin. X Drake recognized the laser as Kizaru’s own signature move. Kizaru entered and asked X Drake what it was like on the “other side” and challenged him to try fighting. As X Drake prepared to battle Pacifista, Kizaru told him not to forget that he was still present. Suddenly, X Drake’s hands turned into claws and gripped Pacifist’s arm. Scratchmen Apoo was excited to see the “Ancient Zoan”. A silhouetted figure of what appeared to be a dinosaur is seen biting the Pacifist’s head, forcing him to bleed out. The pacifist reacted quickly, firing a laser beam that went through the dinosaur’s shoulder and entered the building. X Drake transformed back into his human form and said it was interesting that Pacifista had red blood. Urouge commented that he had just seen something strange when Kizaru reminded him that he was present. Kizaru kicked Urouge at the speed of light, sending him through a series of buildings.
Hawkins stepped forward and slowly transformed into a scarecrow type, calling it the “Devil Conquest Phase”. Kizaru called the supernovas “monsters” when Hawkins in his new form tried to slash Kizaru. The admiral disappeared, then reappeared in front of Hawkins and pointed two fingers into Hawkins’ eyes. Kizaru then shot a beam of light through his fingers, blinding Hawkins. Kizaru stated that since this attack didn’t go through Hawkins, it was probably a Paramecia. Kizaru congratulated Hawkins on getting into Sabaody and prepared to kick him when he was interrupted by the music. Apoo has been seen using his chest and head as bongo drums while using his teeth as a keyboard. Apoo then used his arm as an answering machine and told everyone listening to stay tuned. Pacifista and another supernova all recognized the roar of the sea, Scratchmen Apoo. Kizaru’s hand was then cut off, possibly due to the sound waves, which surprised Kizaru. Apoo then beat his chest one last time and Kizaru then exploded in flames.

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