One Piece Manga Chapter 51

One Piece Manga Chapter 51

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Roronoa Zoro begins a battle with Dracul Mihawk in hopes of winning the title of World’s Best Swordsman. However, Mihawk turns out to be more powerful than Zoro could have ever imagined and easily defeats him. While Mihawk does not take him seriously as an opponent by fighting him with a small knife at first, the strength of will that Zoro demonstrates greatly impresses him to the point where he draws his real blade out of respect. While this doesn’t change the inevitability of Zoro’s defeat, Mihawk promises to remember his name. Zoro is defeated and all but one of his swords are destroyed, but he humbles himself and seems to find solace in having witnessed the greatest in the world.
After fully drawing his swords, Zoro expresses his shock at meeting the world’s greatest swordsman, Dracul Mihawk, so early in their adventure. The impending duel had the undivided attention of all present; Krieg Pirates, Straw Hats, and Baratia Staff. However, Mihawk humiliates him by responding to his request with a pocketknife, which was a pendant he had around his neck. He declares that he is not like most fools who would go out of their way to hunt a mere rabbit. He further explains that while Zoro has earned some fame as a swordsman, the Eastern Blue is the weakest of the four seas, which are separated by the Great Line and the Red Line. He actually regrets not having an even smaller knife. Zoro is now enraged at how underappreciated he feels and prepares to attack, telling Mihawk not to regret it when he dies. As Zoro charges, Mihawk compares him to a frog in a well; saying it’s time to experience the real world outside of your little well. Zoro tries to use “Oni Giri”, but Mihawk effortlessly stops all 3 katanas with the tip of his knife. Luffy is visibly surprised, while Johnny and Yosaku can’t believe that one of Zoro’s signature techniques was stopped so easily. Zoro himself reflects on how no man had been able to stop the technique before, yet Mihawk countered it so easily with a ‘toy’. The shock sends him into a frenzy, furiously lashing out at Mihawk as he wonders how the real world can be so far out of reach despite all his preparation and preparation. Mihawk continues to dodge and counter without breaking a sweat. Zoro remembers his promise to Kuina and redoubles his efforts. Noticing his mental anguish, Mihawk questions what is weighing him down so much and why he desires ultimate power. He calls Zoro a weakling again, this time angering Johnny and Yosaka to the point where they try to intervene, but Luffy stops them. Zoro gets back to his feet and prepares the “Tora Gari”.
This time, Zoro instead remembers his promise to Luffy and Luffy’s response that he expects nothing less from him, to stand by his side as the Pirate King. However, before Zoro could attack, Mihawk stabs him in the chest with a knife. While everyone is in shock from the devastating blow, the biggest surprise comes from Mihawk as Zoro just stands there with a knife in his chest. He asks Zoro why he refuses to back down and Zoro doesn’t really know himself. He explains that if he took even one step back, it would be like going back on every promise he had made up to this point, preventing him from ever returning to where he is now. Mihawk claims that this is defeat, but Zoro feels that this is yet another reason not to back down. Mihawk questions if he would stand by that belief even if it meant his death, but Zoro counters that death might actually be better. Mihawk is incredibly impressed by Zoro’s strong display of will, and as he removes the knife from his chest, he asks the other to state his name. When Zoro complies, Mihawk finally pulls out his blade and tells Zoro that he will remember his name because he doesn’t often see his level of conviction in this world. As a gesture of respect for his fellow swordsman, Zoro says that he will fight him with the strongest sword in the world.
Zoro prepares his final attack, the Sanzen Sekai, when Mihawk lunges at him. This move ultimately proves ineffective as all of his swords except Wado Ichimonji are broken by Mihawk’s attack. When his swords break, he admits defeat and reflects on how he never even considered the possibility of losing. He stands facing Mihawk, baring his chest and extending his arms to deliver the final blow. Mihawk is confused and Zoro tells him that backslashing is a shameful act among swordsmen. Mihawk is pleased with Zoro’s brave gesture and chops his chest. As Zoro begins to fall from the wound, Mihawk makes a mental note that Zoro should not hasten his own death.

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