Read One Piece Manga Chapter 510


Apoo joins the battle and manages to defeat Kizaru. Apoo uses this chance to make a quick escape, but Kizaru quickly stands up and easily knocks down Apoo, Drake, and Hawkins. Kizaru is then seen talking to Sentomaru on the Baby Den Den Mushi, who tells Kizaru to quickly capture Luffy, Law, and Kid.
Back at Grove 12, where the Straw Hats are fighting a copy of Kuma, Zoro is knocked out by Kuma as his injuries from his previous battle with Kuma have not yet healed. Chopper successfully manages to attack “Roseo Metel” on Kum. Kuma quickly recovers and just as Kuma is about to attack Chopper, Franky attacks with “Strong Hammer” and “Franky Boxing”. Kuma quickly retaliates and punches Franky, but Robin saves Franky just before he hits the ground with “Spider Net”. Brook then attempts a “Swallow Bond En Avant” from the air, but Kuma’s tough skin prevents any damage. Usopp barely manages to save Brook with “Atlas Suisei” just as Kuma is about to fire a beam at him. Kuma then targets Nami with one of his beams, but Robin closes his mouth with “Ochenta Fleur: Cuatro Mano Shock”, causing Kuma to fire a blast into his own mouth, giving Nami a chance to unleash “Thunder Lance Tempo” on him. However, this does little other than make the copy go crazy. He then goes crazy and Zoro tells Sanji to send Kuma to him. Sanji then does “Diable Jambe, Flambage Shoot” and kicks it towards Zoro, who releases “Asura, Makyusen”. Luffy then activates Gear Third and uses the “Giant Rifle”, where the chapter ends.

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