Read One Piece Manga Chapter 513


The Straw Hat Pirates wonder where Zoro went after Kuma touched him with his paw. Chopper goes on a rampage in Monster Point, trying to injure Sentomaru. Rayleigh is still fighting Kizaru while Nami thinks about Kumo’s ability that she saw in Thriller Bark when Perona mysteriously disappeared.
Luffy asks Sentomaru where Zoro could have gone, and Sentomaru says that anyone touched by Kuma’s paws would fly for three days and three nights, and only Kuma would know the destination.
Enraged, Sanji prepares to battle Kuma while PX-1 tries to attack Usopp from behind with a beam attack. Kuma uses his Devil Fruit ability to send PX-1 away, enraging Sentomaru. Luffy then orders the crew to run as far as they can. As Sanji, Usopp, and Brook try to escape, Kuma descends on them, ready to attack. Brook sacrifices himself and jokes as he disappears. Sanji is filled with despair as he begins to lose his classmates. He tells Usopp to run and kick Kuma, only to be knocked back into a pile of rubble. Usopp attempts to restrain Kumu, only to be sent away. Enraged, Sanji runs at Kumu, who ends up sending Sanji away as well.
A distraught Luffy looks on in shock. Rayleigh is still fighting Kizaru and holding off the Marine admiral. Kuma then walks up to Rayleigh and whispers something to him. When Kizaru asks what Kuma told Rayleigh, Kuma simply replies that he won’t answer Kizaru’s questions.
Luffy activates Gear 2 as Kuma teleports to where Franky and Nami are. Franky tries to hit Kuma with a “Strong Right”, but it has no effect. Enraged, Luffy tries the “Jet Pistol”, only to be blocked by Kuma’s paws. Kuma swoops down on Franky and sends him away using his Devil Fruit ability. Luffy slowly succumbs to defeat as Nami is also sent away by Kuma.
With only Robin and Monster Chopper left, Luffy desperately throws himself at Kuma. However, Kuma simply teleports back to Robin and Chopper. Luffy starts begging Kuma to stop sending his colleagues away, but Kuma keeps sending Chopper away. Robin tries to escape; however, she is also sent away by Kuma.
Filled with despair and rage, Luffy falls to the ground, angry and crying that he was unable to save a single friend. Kuma simply responds by not seeing Luffy again and finally sends Luffy flying, resulting in the Straw Hats being completely defeated.

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