Read One Piece Manga Chapter 515


The narrator explains that the name of this island country is the Amazon Lily (it’s where Kuma sent Luffy), and the entire population is female. It is a place where men are forbidden. The narrator goes on to explain that when some go to sea to conceive offspring, they return to give birth to their children, but strangely, they are always born female. It then turns out that there is a large hole in a large mountain with a heart-shaped arched monolith with a village inside. The narrator then says that the village and the land itself are built like a great fortress. The narrator reveals that all the work and manual labor is done by women who are born warriors and are strong and hearty but also have elegance and flair. A man driven to folly by greed has no place there. More than anything, women are strong in this country. In this country, strength is beauty. If anyone ever approached this land, it would simply disappear.
Somewhere in the village, many women gather to see Luffy wake up (who is completely naked). When Luffy wakes up and stretches, the women are shocked and amazed at his physical appearance, as he has no breasts at all like them, his hair is unkempt, and considered him weak due to being so thin. They also comment on how he ate in his sleep. Luffy, slightly sleepy after waking up, says it’s noisy, which shocks the women even more when they hear him speak. He then wonders where he is and what he was doing, but then finally tells what happened in the Sabaody Archipelago up until the time he ate the mushroom. Luffy scratches his head but immediately realizes it’s gone and wonders where it is. He realizes that Sweetpea has it and uses his rubber powers to reach out to get it back. Once again, the women are amazed to see Luffy stretching, and one of them writes in a notebook concluding that all men are capable of stretching their arms like Luffy. She then asks what the young pirate’s name is, and he reveals that it is Luffy.
Luffy looks down to realize he’s naked, to which the women point out how slow he is. The girl with the notebook then writes again and concludes that men are dull and cover their heads in front of their bodies. Curious, Marguerite tells Luffy that before she gets dressed, she’ll ask what the bag between his legs is (referring to his scrotum and testicles). Luffy is confused by the women’s naivete, as they should know about it, and he refers to them as “weird” and “his balls”. Marguerite is confused and asks what he means by “orbs”. Luffy asks if it’s obvious and claims they’re “balls made of gold” (using slang for testicles to point out their importance to him). The women actually believe they are literally made of gold and one says they are gorgeous. Marguerite naively asks Luffy if he could take them outside to show them, but Luffy, horrified and shocked by their idea, refuses for obvious reasons and asks if he’s trying to kill him. Kikyo tries to finish off Luffy with arrows, but he escapes by breaking through the ceiling of his prison. He avoids capture by the Kuja tribe and takes Marguerite with him so he can ask her something. They both escape into the jungle. Luffy gets his vivre card back from her and learns more about the island and how the empress is a famous pirate. Meanwhile, Kikyo and the rest of the Kuja tribe try to track down Luffy as quickly as possible because the snake princess has returned.

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