Read One Piece Manga Chapter 518


Marigold and Sandersonia rush to the palace and ask their sister Hancock what is going on. They then notice Luffy and are confused as to why the man is on the Amazon Lily. While Luffy tries to clear things up, Hancock tells her sisters that he saw her back, shocking them. Marigold and Sandersonia then prepare to kill Luffy, and Luffy questions why seeing Hancock’s back was such a big crime, though he vaguely remembers seeing the thing on her back before.
Hancock tells him that the thing on her and her sisters’ backs must never be seen, and tries to kill a confused Luffy with a Mero Mero Mellow beam. However, Luffy mistakes the beam for the Noro Noro Beam when he and Hancock both realize that the attack did not do what either of them expected. Hancock uses the move again and Luffy prepares for it, only to get the same result. Luffy stares at the Gorgon sisters in confusion and they stare at him in exactly the same way. Hancock and her sisters are confused as to why Luffy didn’t turn to stone even after seeing Hancock in the bathtub. Marigold attributes the anomaly to Luffy’s fear of death overpowering his lust, and Luffy, though still confused, runs away in fear, still trying to find someone important. He breaks through the palace wall and jumps out, much to the shock of Marigold and Sandersonia, but Hancock, determined not to let Luffy escape, shoots him with a Pistol Kiss, causing him to fall to the ground. He then orders the still shocked Kuja pirates outside to capture Luffy.
Later, Luffy was tied up using snakes and placed in the arena in front of the Gorgon sisters and the entire Kuja Pirates. Luffy wonders why there isn’t a single man in this country, and Hancock asks him how and why he got into Amazon Lily. Luffy says he doesn’t know, which Hancock immediately denies, and Luffy then tries to clear things up by stating that all he wants is for the ship to leave the island. His blunt way of addressing Hancock shocks the Kuja Pirates and Hancock sentences him to death. Suddenly, Marguerite speaks up and says that she believed Luffy was telling the truth, revealing that she brought him to earth in the first place, shocking the other Kuju. Sweet Pea and Aphelandra back her up, stating that at first they thought Luffy was one of their warriors because he was covered in mushrooms, and they share the blame for bringing him to the country.
Hancock then descends into the arena and tells Marguerite to raise her head. She then uses Mero Mero Mellow to turn Marguerite, Sweet Pea, and Aphelandra to stone. Luffy is confused and shocked to see the three turned to stone, while the other Kuja mourns the fate of his comrades. Luffy angrily asks Hancock what she did to them, and Hancock orders Bacura out. She then sentences Luffy to death fighting Bacura, who served as her executioner for many years and left no bones of his victim. The snakes wrapped around Luffy untie him and Kuja encourages Bacuro.

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