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Marigold and Boa Sandersonia activate their fruits, Hebi Hebi no Mi, Model: King Cobra and Hebi Hebi no Mi, Model: Anaconda, and the audience go gaga over their new forms, believing them to be from gaining Gorgon’s power, confusing Luffy . Hancock and the audience encourage the two sisters to execute Luffy, who is currently busy moving the petrified Marguerite, Sweet Pea, and Aphelandra out of harm’s way. His actions confuse Sandersonia and the audience, and he then jumps out to prepare to defeat the sisters. The audience laughs at such anticipation, and Marigold warns Luffy that if he falls into the space between the arena and the stands, he will be impaled by the rows of spikes at the bottom.
The execution then begins and Luffy is forced to dodge quick strikes from Marigold’s halberd as well as her poisonous saliva. He tries to kick her but is deflected by the palm of her hand before being struck by the butt of her cane. In shock, he realizes that her blunt attack injured him and wonders how that could have happened, and as he tries to get up and attack Marigold again, Sandersonia grabs him by the tail, wanting a chance to play with him. Sandersonia is somehow able to hurt Luffy by restraining him and remarks that she knows nothing about Hakim. He then predicts that he will attack with his right foot and moves out of the way to avoid him. She slams Luffy’s tail into the ground and the attack doesn’t hurt him, but he is unable to attack her as he effortlessly dodges them, which the audience claims is Haki. Marigold then hits Luffy with her tail, sending him falling across the arena into a pit, barely managing to stay above the spikes.
Hancock comments that it’s hard to even describe how laughable Luffy is, and when they return to the arena, he tells her to be quiet, causing the audience to rage and scream at his death. Hancock echoes their wish as he looks down on Luffy to the highest degree, and Marigold and Sandersonia decide to give Luffy despair in addition to death. Sandersonia grabs the petrified Marguerite and prepares to break it to punish Luffy, which enrages him when he remembers how she admired Hancock. Marigold restrains Luffy as Sandersonia prepares to slam Marguerite into the ground, but Luffy yells at them to stop. This unknowingly releases an effect that causes several spectators to lose consciousness, and a shocked Marigold and Sandersonia release Luffy and Marguerite. Kuja realizes that Luffy has just unleashed the Haoshoku Haki that only one in a million people possess, and they have never seen anyone else use Hancock. As everyone wonders who Luffy is, he declares that he will now fight with everything he has.

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