Read One Piece Manga Chapter 520


When Luffy activates Gear 2, the audience is amazed by the steam coming from his body, but believe me, he could never defeat Sandersonia and Marigold. However, as Sandersonia uses the eight branch technique, Luffy dodges all of her attacks with relative ease and wonders how he is able to dodge all of her moves despite using Haki and realizes that he is able to dodge them because he is too fast that she herself is unable to keep up. With his amazing speed, Luffy wraps it around her neck and throws her to the ground, surprising everyone. Marigold swings the gun at him but he dodges and is about to hit her and she fights back saying it won’t work. Despite her claim, Luffy uses a Jet Bazooka to destroy her weapon and send her flying back. The entire crowd is shocked that Luffy is winning the fight and Hancock is irritated with Luffy and asks her sisters what the two of them are doing. Her sisters apologize and say they will end it now.
Sandersonia uses her eight branches technique again while Marigold uses a technique that sets her hair on fire as the crow marvels at them with their strongest techniques. Luffy bends back as the sisters are about to finish him off and Luffy unleashes a Jet Gatling on them, shocking the crowd again that he easily fends off Sandersonia and Marigold’s strongest attacks. She kicks them in the stomach, knocking them on top of each other and sets Sandersonia’s hair on fire with Marigold’s technique. Marigold apologizes and tries to push away, only to see their tied tails as Luffy makes a victory sign. Trying to put herself out, Sandersonia almost falls out of the ring and her clothes catch on fire, causing Hancock to worry and notice that her back is exposed. Luffy jumps on her and the crowd thinks he is trying to finish her off and is so cruel. When Sandersonia yells at him to get out, he tells her not to move so she won’t be seen so the shocked sisters realize she’s helping to protect their secret.
Hancock recalls telling Luffy that what they had on their backs was something they would rather die than let others see. He then orders everyone to leave the arena, which they do as they realize that Luffy is actually helping Sandersonia and the arena empties. Marigold is stunned that a man would actually help them and Sandersonia asks Luffy why he would help them when they are enemies. Luffy replies that the thing on their backs has nothing to do with their match, while Nyon comments on Luffy’s kindness and how Hancock and her sisters were saved by the man they just tried to kill. After seeing Luffy’s kind personality, Hancock begins to cry.

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