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After telling Luffy all about his past, Hancock agrees to take him to the Sabaody Archipelago with his ship pulled by Yuda. He also invites Luffy to their banquet tonight and relax inside. When Luffy parties, several Kuja start poking at him because of his rubbery body and their interest in men. Several other girls are interested in Luffy and want to touch him, and he runs away despite seemingly being attracted to his rubbery body. He runs away with Marguerite to Elder Nyon’s house.
At her house, Luffy discovers that Hancock is a Shichibukai and admits his surprise. Nyon states that she became a Shichibukai when Hancock was eighteen, becoming the Empress of Kuja and quickly gaining a notorious reputation despite her young age, attracting the attention of the Marines and even the World Government, who feared her potential as much as she did. earned a big reward of 80 million after a single campaign. Hancock later decided to join the Shichibukai to protect his fellow Kujo by creating a contract to protect their homeland from the government and prevent them from entering. Nyon then reads on the paper about the war between the Whitebeard Pirates and the Marines, further surprising Luffy, with Nyon commenting on his lack of knowledge and then reading to the death row inmate, his brother Portgas D. Ace is about to take to his execution. Luffy is then horrified when he reads it as he listens that Blackbeard was the one who put Ace in prison and interrupts Nyon by revealing that he is his brother, shocking Nyon. Luffy asks if Ace will really be executed and Nyon says he will and wonders when. He says it’s in five days and it will be a week before he gets back to Sabaoda and Luffy says it will be too late by the time he reunites with his crew. He asks for a faster way and Nyon tells him that he is being held in Impel Down, a maximum security prison, and decides to go rescue Ace before reuniting with his crew. Apologizing to his friends after deciding to save Ace in Impel Down, he asks Elder Nyon how he can save Ace. He says that if Whitebeard wins the war, he can be saved. However, Nyon points out that Luffy’s plan to save his older brother is reckless because he is facing a full-blown war, and because Ace is the most important prisoner there, and that Whitebeard won’t let his men be killed without a fight. The Marines are preparing for a real battle, which means that they will have both the Admirals (Aokiji, Kizaru, and Akainu) and the other Shichibukai there. He claims that Luffy will be like a leaf whipped by the storm, but Luffy refuses to leave his own brother, stating that he would never live with himself if he lost Ace. Elder Nyon tells him that there’s only one other way to get to his brother in time, and that’s by asking Hancock to take the marines’ call, since the marine battleship can make it in time, and Luffy goes to ask her with Nyon.
When Luffy and Nyon come to question her, one of her subjects arrives and reveals that Hancock has contracted a deadly disease. Hancock has caught an unknown disease and for some reason feels great pain. When Nyon deduces her illness, she says that she knows about the illness, and when Hancock asks if she’s going to die, Nyon says that she will, angering Sonia, and Mary tells her not to joke, and she says no. She tells Hancock that her illness killed her previous predecessors and that Luffy is here to see her and surprisingly Hancock says that he will see him, much to everyone’s shock that she gets up, especially Nyon who wonders if Luffy really proved himself alter. Hancock so much. Luffy sees her on the balcony and asks if she’s okay, and she says she’s not sick. Luffy tells her about his brother and his desire to save her and begs her to take him to Impel Down and answer the call to war. Sonia and Mary scream in anger, claiming that Luffy is using her and forcing her to relive her horrors as a slave to go to such a place, and that this is why they hate men and refuse to let him use their sister like this. Despite all of this, Hancock, while blushing heavily, says that she will happily take the call and go wherever Luffy wishes, to which Luffy thanks her and can now make it to Ace in time. Her family is shocked by such a thing and her sisters ask what is going on and Nyon says that her illness is called “Love Sickness” and that Hancock fell in love with Luffy and all the previous empresses died from being away from their loved ones. he goes on to say that “love is like a hurricane”.

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