Read One Piece Manga Chapter 525


This chapter begins with Garp talking to Ace. He talks about how Garp wanted Ace and Luffy to become marines like he wanted. Ace then points out that they each have the blood of a world-class criminal and could never be Marines. However, Ace also mentions that he took his name “Portgas” from his mother, who he says he owes a lot, and that he doesn’t care for his “useless” father. He then says that this is why he joined Whitebeard and that he thinks of Whitebeard as his only father.

Then on the navy ship that Luffy and Hancock are on, the marines see Buggy the Clown’s ship and say it’s unimportant because they don’t remember their flag. While on Buggy’s ship, Alvida talks to the crew and tells them that sailing all the way there to buy the Eternal Pose was pointless because their ship can’t get through the Tranquil Belt and the only other way is through the Gates of Justice, where only marines can go. get on The crew agrees to leave the Buggy. This then shows the many horrors of Impel Down. For example, the shadow of a beast with a club and horns that kills several prisoners and carries off their bodies. Afterwards, the naval ship that Hancock is on arrives at Impel Down. Luffy looks outside and sees that there are more ships than there were during the Buster Call. Hancock then tells Luffy to hide under her robes. Later, Hancock is told that he will have to wear Seastone handcuffs and submit to a full body check, which worries Hancock as they would find Luffy.

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