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Level 2, Beast Hell
The Basilisk towers over Luffy and Buggy. Luffy and Buggy run for their lives as the Basilisk follows them. Buggy tells Luffy that he intended to dispose of Luffy and run for his life. He reveals that the basilisk is a snake that was born from a chicken and that level 2 of Impel Down was full of crazy monsters like the basilisk. Luffy is surprised that a chicken can have a baby like a basilisk, but Buggy replies that chickens normally don’t, that’s why they’re called monsters. He also says that one of the reasons they are kept in Impel Down is because if there were monsters roaming around in the outside world, they would kill people. The basilisk tries to bite Luffy, to which Luffy jumps, then prepares to fight the basilisk head-on.
Level 4, High Warden’s Office
Boa Hancock comments on the heat in Impel Down, saying it was too hot. Domino points out that there was hell behind the walls of the High Warden’s office. When Momonga asks where Magellan is, Domino replies with Magellan’s schedule:
Magellan spends 10 hours a day on the toilet.
He sleeps about 8 hours.
Not counting meal breaks and breaks, he has about 4 hours to work a day.
Momonga ponders Magellan’s suitability for the job. Domino says that Magellan is a reliable man when pushed and has Doku Doku no Mi abilities.
Magellan comes out, a gigantic man (though not a giant) with horns and devilish wings. He introduces himself and comments to the toilet that it was a “cruel fight”. Magellan also says it’s too clear, he says he wants to be in an enclosed space and at the same time he wants to close his heart to the world. Hannyabal introduces its visitors.
Magellan apologizes for being late because he was relieving himself. Hannyabal suggests that it could be all the poison that Magellan eats. With that, Magellan says he loves poison and says “Poison should be fought with poison”. Hannyabal tells Magellan to hurry up and slips out of his seat, accidentally meaning Magellan will quickly take the visitors to see “Fire Fist” Ace. Magellan says he was cursed with such subordinates.
He sighs, letting out a breath of poison as he does so. Hannyabal is momentarily overpowered while Hancock, Domino, and Momonga have their gas masks on. Outraged, Hancock jumps on Magellan’s chest and looks up, saying that the air has been polluted by his poison. Magellan comments on Hancock’s beauty saying “she’s a real hottie!”. Meanwhile, Hannyabal is sitting in the head guard’s seat and Domino points it out. Momonga simply says that they are in a hurry.
Hannyabal answers Den Den Mushi as Magellan uses his poison breath on him to answer. When Magellan answers, he gets word of an intruder in Impel Down. Magellan quickly orders visuals while Hannyabal accuses Magellan of breaking into Impel Down in the first place. Terrified that Luffy has already been discovered, Hancock takes advantage of her beauty and drives Magellan crazy, who says he will immediately pull them into the Fire Fist Ace.
Monitoring room
Jailers run around as one confirms that “Straw Hat” Luffy was running around with Buggy. Another jailer says they can’t make contact with the level 2 monitoring room.
Level 2, monitoring room
The monitoring room is broken with an unconscious basilisk on the remains. Buggy is in shock. It seems that Luffy used Gear 3 and defeated the Basilisk because it shrank and Buggy said that Luffy’s arm grew. Luffy urges them to go down to Level 3 when suddenly the prisoners cheer Luffy as the ‘God of Salvation’. They ask to be released and point to the keys. One prisoner recognizes Luffy. This prisoner is Mr. 3, after being captured by the marines he was sent to Impel Down. Buggy frees a number of prisoners who cheer for Buggy. As he celebrates his release, Luffy grabs Buggy and asks to enter the next level. However, Buggy claims that he lied and only wanted the arm band that Luffy had. He also reveals about starting a prison riot on Level 2, but when he turns around, all the prisoners have gone back to their cages, saying that if the Level 2 “boss” was here, they would be better off in their cage. Buggy turns to Luffy and says that they are going down to Level 3, where Luffy and Buggy are arguing about their decision. At this point, Mr. 3 enters and shows off his Devil Fruit power, Doru Doru no Mi. Luffy recognizes Mr. 3 as “san” (meaning 3 in Japanese) from Little Garden.
Where the Fire Fist Ace is kept
A gigantic man is seen screaming while in chains. The same guard that was first seen in the early moments of Impel Down is seen beating this man with his mace before walking out. A man complains, “I can’t even scratch where it itches,” even though he’s just been beaten. Ace is seen saying that the old man has been beaten again. This old man is introduced as the “Sea Boss”, Jinbe, who used to hold Beli’s bounty of 250,000,000. Jinbe says that his heart hurts because he wants to get justice and that he would like to throw away his status as a warrior and give up his life to end an ongoing battle.

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