Read One Piece Manga Chapter 532


In Impel Down, the guards have successfully identified three prisoners who are helping Luffy: Buggy, Mr. 3, and Mr. 2. Mr. 2 and Luffy have defeated many blue gorillas and are heading to Level 4. Buggy and Mr. 3 cause a riot on Level 2 and some prisoners who they listen, they say the incident takes the edge off the boredom, even if they end up just getting caught. At level 4, Magellan is surprised to hear about the situation and wonders what Saldeath is doing. However, since the Blugori were ineffective against Luffy and Mr. 2, they were reassigned to Level 2, which Magellan was not informed of as he was so preoccupied with Hancock. Sadi appears and tells Magellan that the Minotaur is on the third level. Magellan leaves level 2 to Saldeath and tells everyone else to gather on level 4. Magellan continues by saying that if Luffy and Mr. 2 manage to escape the Minotaur, he will deal with them on level 4.
At level 3, Luffy and Mr. 2 encounter the dungeon beast, the Minotaur. Luffy wonders if it has some kind of ability, but a dungeon beast appears out of nowhere and hits Mr. 2 with a spiked mace. Luffy is surprised and barely manages to avoid another attack from the monster, only to be hit and sent flying back. Pan 2 knocks the Minotaur away but is caught and suffocated. Luffy enters Gear Second and hits the Minotaur with a jet bazooka and flies up the stairs. Luffy asks Mr. 2 if he’s okay, but he’s just worried about his ruined makeup. Luffy wants to continue and Mr. 2 tells him that the way to level 4 is to climb the wall and down to level 4, the burning hell. Mr. 2 then says that he wants to continue to find someone on level 5, but Buggy and Mr. 3 suddenly reappear with the Minotaur right behind them. Seeing no other option, Buggy decides to use the Muggy Ball, a condensed version of his extremely powerful Buggy Ball. The Minotaur counters the attack, but Mr. 2 strikes from above, leaving the Minotaur vulnerable to Luffy’s wax-coated Gomu Gomu no Rifle. However, the impact causes the floor to collapse, sending the entire party to Level 4.

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