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In the back passage of Impel Down, Boa Hancock interrogates Vice Admiral Momonga for the time of Ace’s execution. Momonga states that it will happen in 29 hours and that the convoy to pick him up will arrive tomorrow. It also states that there is a 1/1000 chance that nothing will happen during that time. Aboard the naval ship, Marine informs Momonga of the recent feud between Red-Haired Shanks and another of the Four Emperors, Kaida. Kaidou is said to have tried to capture Whitebeard, but Shanks intervened. Frustrated that there is nothing they can do about it, Momonga states that there is virtually no chance of avoiding a fight with Whitebeard. His ship then departs for Marineford.
Inside Impel Down’s Level 3 well tower, Buggy and Mr. 3 argue with Luffy, telling him to run away and not go further into the prison. As Mr. 2 tells Luffy to ignore them, they notice the ceiling rising, only to realize they’re falling to Level 4. As they fall, they argue over whose hit destroyed the floor, then panic that they’ve been burned by the intense heat. .
In the level 4 pool of blood, several prisoners unable to stand the intense heat attempt to escape only to be rammed headfirst into the boiling cauldron by Daz Bonez. The other prisoners notice the presence of Hannyabal, Magellan, and many guards and speculate as to what is happening to warrant these measures. Magellan and his soldiers assume that Luffy and his allies fell into the pool of blood, but are told that he was protected by the debris that fell with him. It is also shown that the Minotaur was also defeated. Magellan then tells Sadi-chan to guard the entrance to level 5 with the dungeon beasts and Hannyabal to guard the entrance to level 3 with his troops.
Meanwhile, Luffy and his allies walk across the level 4 bridge as they all complain about the heat. Suddenly, Luffy runs off in a random direction when he smells food. The others follow as they are also starving, but Luffy runs into a pack of guards. Luffy defeats them and continues, but Buggy and Mr. 3 hide from the other soldiers. Mr. 3 comments on the strength of the Impel Down guards and says it’s all over if Magellan comes. At this moment, Magellan drops out of nowhere in front of Luffy and prepares to fight.

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