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Level 4, Hell Hell
Surprisingly, Nami appears as a prisoner in this chapter. Hannyabal succumbs to Nami’s spell and enters the weapons room. Suddenly, Nami transforms into Mr. 2 and ties up Hannyabal, leaving him to wonder what will happen.
Level 4, Magellan’s Office
Magellan is seen yelling “Too Much Poison!” while having a bout of diarrhea.
Level 2, Wild Beast Hell
Blue gorillas patrol the prison cells. Saldeath reported that every prisoner in the riot had been returned to their cells, but many keys were missing from the original key ring.
Level 3, Hungry Hell
Sadi is seen holding Mr. 2’s shot and orders several human jailers and 3 of the 4 dungeon beasts to search for Mr. 2.
Unknown location
However, as time passes, Mr. 2 wakes up in a room where there are a lot of people drinking beer and eating gourmet food. Everyone is dressed up and everyone is partying. Two women claim he is still in Impel Down. The person who found Luffy and Mr. 2 is revealed to be Inazuma. She confirms that Mr. 2 slept for 10 hours and soon after Mr. 2 bombards her with questions when suddenly the lights go out and a person is seen on the stage calling out Mr. 2’s name to his surprise. This person confirms that to get to “Prison Paradise” you have to go through “a path that cannot exist”. It marks the peaks of this place and dispels the “myth” of prisoners who are “demonized”.
Level 5.5 New Land Kama Prison Paradise
Emporio Ivankov enters the scene and is seen performing with a line of men behind him in fishnet stockings. Iva welcomes Mr. 2 to his country of New Kama. Mr. 2 calls out to Iva-chan, where the other inmates mutter that this is rude. However, Iva doesn’t mind when she says “You could call me stupid!” but then he yells that he doesn’t want to be called crap.
Bellett shouts “Emporio Ivankov!”, then goes on to tell the story of his family, where his father, a royal king, traveled to the kingdom of Kamabakka, where Iva was once queen. The man goes on to say that his father has returned as Okama and that he has become a pirate. He told Iva that before he rots in Impel Down, he will kill Iva first. Iva immediately tells him to drop the huge weapon he’s holding, that it could potentially kill him. However, Iva suddenly shouts “I will not die!” and the relaxed audience just breathes a sigh of relief. Nevertheless, the man fires a cannonball at Iva. Then Iva does something extraordinary. Iva looks at the cannonball, says “Death Wink”, winks and deflects the cannonball. This eventually leads to the man himself being injured by his own cannonball, exploding in smoke but not dying. Iva appears in front of the man and shouts “Emporio: Female Hormones!”.
The man begins to transform, and while doing so, Iva says, “Two mothers and a daughter! Make a deal!” and eventually turns him into her. Bellett, now a girl, runs outside in total embarrassment. Iva simply exclaims that they were here in the land of New Kama to transcend gender to create a new race. Suddenly, Mr. 2 bows and asks Iva to heal Luffy as Iva was nicknamed “Dragon Man”. It is then revealed that Luffy asked Iva to heal Mr. 2 rather than heal himself. However, Iva decided to heal Luffy as well and Luffy screamed for 10 hours straight.

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