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The gas-masked guards run towards Level 6, believing that Luffy, Ivankov, and Inazuma are still trapped in Level 6. However, to their immediate surprise, a gigantic stone spiral passes through the roof up to Level 5. most likely Crocodile Work and Inazuma’s Spiral, due to his Choki Choki no Mi abilities.
The guard suggests searching the floor and they part ways when one is stopped by a voice in the cage calling the guards idiots. The guard recognizes the prisoner, the former Impel Down head jailer, Shiryu. Shiryu tells the guards that they can’t do anything properly without him and that they have brought great shame to the name of Impel Down. He reveals that Luffy freed Crocodile and Jinbe. Shiryu also says that if Magellan agrees, he will help capture the five fugitives.
Several guards run around while one reports to Hannyabal the current situation with the five level 5 refugees. Hannyabal eventually decides to face them himself in the hopes of attaining the status of High Guardian of Impel Down. He orders Sadi and Saldeath to move to Level 4.
At level 5, Ivankov is surrounded by a number of New Kamas, all shaking as he explains the plan. Ivankov says that the only way to escape would be aboard a naval battleship and that he must release the prisoners on his way in hopes of making allies. Iva shouts that only a handful could escape Impel Down itself. The small group heads to where Crocodile, Jinbe and Luffy have already escaped. Mr. 2 Bon Kurei spins around quickly because of Iva’s “Emporio: Tension Hormones”.
When Jinbe runs up the stairs between levels 5 and 4, he confirms Ace’s execution time. He also predicts that Whitebeard will attack before the execution and that a battle could break out at any time since Ace was already on the open sea. As they run, the door blocks the way as Crocodile lunges forward, saying that his right hand can turn him into sand thanks to his Suna Suna no Mi power. However, when he opens the door, a number of jailers appear, holding weapons and a trident or spears. The jailers confirm the three escapees and ask for a deposit. The group fires at Crocodile, but they just go right through, due to Crocodile’s Logia Devil Fruit. The crocodile advances on the three jailers using a sand move that dehydrates the men on contact. The group prepares to capture Luffy, who Luffy promptly slams into with his Gomu Gomu no Mi.
Jinbe uses Fish-Man Karate using a punch. However, to the guard’s surprise, nothing happens until the blow sends shockwaves through the air and sends the jailers back. Despite the defeat, the captors are determined to hold out and wait for reinforcements.
On level 2, Mr. 3 and Buggy are hiding behind a wax wall. They notice the Blue Gorillas leaving Level 2. Just then, Buggy goes to a cage where some prisoners are holding keys to the cage and one reveals that Mr. 3 used his Dora Dora no Mi to make the keys. Buggy tells a story where after being chased by wolves at level 5, they hid behind wax walls until level 2.
In the monitoring room, guards report inmates sneaking around and opening cages. At this point, the level 2 guards notice that almost everyone was out of their cages, once again preparing to riot. The ranger pleads with Hannyabal to send back the Blue Gorillas as they could not take the prisoners themselves.
At level 4, Crocodile throws the keys into the cage and asks Mr. 1 to join their cause, to which Mr. 1 agrees. Hannyabal receives word that Ivankov, Inazuma, and Mr. 2 have appeared leading a small army, consisting of prisoners who have been “demonetized”. Iva and Mr. 2 meet up with Luffy where, to Mr. 2’s surprise, Mr. 1 ran with them.
Ivankov uses “Facial Growth Hormones” where his face grows incredibly. As Hannyabal wonders what to do, the message continues that they could not be stopped because the “demonized” prisoners were barely controllable when they were normal prisoners. The chapter ends with a small army fighting its way through the number of Impel Down dungeons.

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