Read One Piece Manga Chapter 542


When Ace was escorted to Marineford by Vice Admiral Onigum, he was informed that Luffy was leading a riot in Impel Down. Meanwhile, at Marineford, a panicked soldier informs Admiral Sengoku of Blackbeard’s mysterious disappearance, a shocking turn of events given the danger of Whitebeard’s impending attack. He also told him about a mysterious unlicensed naval vessel that had arrived at Impel Down.
Impel Down, Blackbeard and his crew arrived at the large prison and quickly defeated a group of jailers claiming to be on the same side. The rest of the facility was warned of Blackbeard’s treachery, who proceeded to prison.
Because of these events associated with the riot, Vice-Guard Hannyabal began to panic. He suggested that he and some of the captors escape, but is contacted by Magellan, who reveals that he stopped the riot on level two by sealing off the entrances and exits. Magellan told Hannyabal to stay on level four until they arrived. Meanwhile, at level six, former Chief Shiryu was released from his cell to help the situation. Magellan was warned that they would have no second chances and was told to go after Blackbeard. Once the broadcast was stopped, Shiryu killed several guards with his newly united blade and apologized for his actions.
At level four, Luffy and his group were currently fighting their way through the guards and freeing many of the prisoners. Saldeath’s main guard attacked with his Blugors, but Ivankov defeated them. They continued on, only to find the path blocked by Sadi and three dungeon beasts. Many of their forces were defeated, but Luffy, Crocodile, and Jinbe defeated them all with a single blow.

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