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The drawbridge is raised in an attempt to stop the Blackbeard Pirates from entering the underwater prison, Impel Down. Blackbeard calmly walks while Van Augur and Jesus Burgess fight for the jailers. The jailers are instructed to shoot, stating that the Blackbeard Pirates are clearly traitors at this point. Suddenly a man appears who says that they are not traitors, that they were pirates and that they cannot be trusted from the beginning. This supports Smoker, Kizaru, and Sengoku’s view of the Seven Sea Warriors.
Shiryu appears as a man inspecting the five intruders. Blackbeard just stares at Shiryu and comments that he looks like trouble. However, Blackbeard mistook Shiryu for Magellan. Shiryu identifies Blackbeard as Marshall D. Teach, who just laughs and asks who Shiryu himself is.
A number of Newkamas and freed prisoners head for the Level 3 door, where the prisoners are heavily bombarded by the prisoners. All three dungeon beasts are bloodied and unconscious. A number of prisoners are stopped by Sadi, who sends them flying, destroying much of the bridge in the process. Monkey D. Luffy is about to attack her, but is literally sent flying by Emporio Ivankov, who then kicks Sadi-chan.
Inazuma shows Luffy the stairs to Level 3. However, a powerful voice rumbles that Impel Down is the mighty fortress of Hell. This voice belongs to Hannyabal, who twirls a staff with a sword on both ends and defeats the prisoners. At this point, the guards cheer and say that Hannyabal is someone they can truly count on. Luffy confronts Hannyabal, who refuses to move out of Luffy’s way. Hannyabal summons a move called Hannya Circus, where the blades are ignited and he moves them very quickly around his body.
Luffy says that he is here to free Ace, to which Hannyabal replies that he is the Vice-Chief and that he cannot be defeated. Luffy attacks Hannyabal with the Gomu Gomu no Jet Gatling, which looks like a clear defeat. Jailers rush Magellan from the elevator and say the offenders were on the 3rd level stairwell. Magellan prepares to move into position while Hannyabal stands up, refusing to be beaten by Luffy and taking blow after blow. Hannyabal falls to the ground and Luffy runs him over, but Hannyabal stops him. Hannyabal says many words, saying that Luffy has no right to save his brother and that pirates are the scum of the world. He goes on to say that many people are frightened by the mere fact that pirates are alive. Hannyabal describes Impel Down as a fortress of hell, that if this place were to be destroyed, the world would fall into darkness and that the common people of the world would no longer be safe from the pirates. Luffy refuses to give up when the Impel Down bazooka unit is pulled into a familiar dark hole. A foot appears in front of Hannyabal’s face and the owner says that there is no answer to justice and evil anywhere you look in the world. Blackbeard then smashes Hannyabal to the ground and stomps on him.
Seeing the Blackbeard Pirates, Jinbe goes berserk. Blackbeard tells him not to point his fists at people, that it wasn’t his fault that Ace was executed. Shocked, Luffy looks at Blackbeard and remembers the three times Blackbeard was mentioned:
Ace explaining to Luffy about hunting a man named Blackbeard who apparently committed a treasonous crime.
Blackbeard himself in Jaya when he spoke of men’s dreams.
Elder Nyon talks about a man named Blackbeard filling the position of Warlord of the Sea
Luffy is upset while Blackbeard talks about Ace’s execution. It seems that Luffy will try to engage in a battle with Blackbeard.

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