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Level 4, Burning Hell
The chapter opens with Blackbeard talking about how Luffy took down the Crocodile and released the location of the Shichibukai. With the Shichibukai vacant, Blackbeard decided to go in and take the place by bringing Luffy to the World Government since he was the one who defeated the Crocodile.
A brief flashback takes us back to Banaro Island, where Blackbeard reveals to Ace that he planned to take down Luffy, as Ace also reveals that Luffy is his brother.
Blackbeard claims that fate was on Luffy’s side: ever since he committed the most treacherous crime aboard the Whitebeard Pirates, Ace has been hunting him. Afterwards, Ace revealed that Luffy was his brother after learning of Blackbeard’s plan. This eventually led to Ace not being able to leave Blackbeard alone. Blackbeard says that if Ace left him alone, Ace alone would bring shame to the Whitebeard Pirates AND leave Luffy at risk of being captured.
Van Augur says that fate is not an accident when Doc Q says that Luffy is a VERY lucky “kid”. Laffitte also states that since Blackbeard is now a Shichibukai, they no longer wish to capture Luffy. Jesus Burgess comments on Ace’s fighting skills and says he was a fighter.
Blackbeard remarks to Luffy that he should thank Ace at his grave (meaning Ace) that Ace decided to show up, saying that if he hadn’t, Luffy would be dead. Enraged, Luffy yells at Blackbeard to try to kill him and punches Blackbeard in Gear Second. Blackbeard is sent flying into a wall, breaking it on contact. Luffy says he won’t let Ace die and prepares to attack again when Blackbeard uses Kurouz.
To the surprise of Mr. 2 Bon Kurei and Jinbe, Luffy is pulled into Blackbeard’s hand and is crushed into the ground. Crocodile is also surprised to see Luffy’s blood since Luffy is made of rubber.
Luffy and Blackbeard stand up and prepare to attack when Jinbe walks in and holds Luffy’s arm. He reminds Luffy of his priorities, saying that even in Whitebeard’s crew, Blackbeard was an unknown person and that no matter what he did, Blackbeard was strong enough to defeat people like Ace. Jinbe asks Luffy not to waste his energy on Blackbeard.
Blackbeard himself simply comments that Luffy’s Haki has improved and that Luffy was stronger than previously thought. However, Crocodile speaks to Blackbeard for the first time and questions why he would throw away the title he earned so quickly. Blackbeard simply replies that it was all part of “the plan” and that he had no obligation to tell Crocodile.
Crocodile declares that he is not interested in Blackbeard’s plan when someone shouts that Magellan has arrived to help the jailer. Magellan’s Hydra is seen effectively poisoning the prisoners. Ivankov, still in his kinky girl self, urges Luffy to continue forward, saying that if Magellan’s poison attacks him one more time, he won’t be coming back. A crowd of inmates rush to the stairwell as another inmate is attacked by another dungeon beast: the Minotaur. This shocks Mr. 2 because he defeated the Minotaur before.
Crocodile then reveals that the dungeon beasts were all “awakened” Zoan Devil Fruit users, saying that their extreme physical resistance and recovery point were their advantages. Crocodile says that the other three will wake up soon and that the boss of Hell will arrive soon.
Magellan is seen running towards the bridge when the jailer tells him that Blackbeard was also there, much to Magellan’s surprise as he sends Shirya to deal with Blackbeard. Another jailer also reports that the monitoring room for the entire prison is going down and that they have lost contact with Marine HQ. The jailer is about to announce that they have no way to communicate with the outside world when Shiryu steps in and kills him, saying that he shouldn’t be “chatting” with the superiors. Magellan orders someone to get down to the monitoring room and comments on the day by saying that when one intruder slips in and everything goes wrong.
Level 2, Beast Hell
Mr. 3 and Buggy, or the jailbreak gang, are seen shouting about going further to Level 1, with a line of inmates following them.
Level 4, Burning Hell
Luffy tells Blackbeard that he will save Ace. Blackbeard simply says that he won’t say that Luffy is doomed because “nothing is impossible”. Blackbeard asks Luffy if Sky Island really existed, and he says that if so, so does the One Piece’s great treasure. Luffy walks past Blackbeard as the big pirates say that in a few hours the world would be shaken to its foundations by the Blackbeard Pirates. The escaping party heads further into level 3.
Sadi is seen tied up with Iva tying her up. Magellan orders her released as he prepares to confront the Blackbeard Pirates. Magellan identifies Blackbeard and he replies, “I’m damn right!”. At this point, Magellan uses his Hydra move on the Blackbeard Pirates. The Blackbeard Pirates fall to the ground in pain as the poison slowly kills them, including Doc Q’s horse, Stronger. Magellan congratulates Hannyabal for holding out so long. The head guard of Impel Down yells at Straw Hat Luffy that he will never let him escape Hell. Alive.

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