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Level 1, Crimson Hell
The Jailbreak Gang is seen on Level 1 with their rebellion heading towards the main entrance to Impel Down.
Level 3, Hungry Hell
Luffy is seen running with his army to Newkam of Magellan’s Hydra, who is determined not to let Luffy escape.
Sadi is seen moaning on her back as Ivankov is revealed to have bent Sadi-chan over the shoulders and caused her back pain. Sadi-chan stands up and orders the four dungeon beasts to do the same. The dungeon animals will quickly take the elevator up to level 1.
Jinbe explains to Luffy that Impel Down is surrounded by Marine warships and that if they were to capture the warship, they would arrive at Marineford in time for Ace’s execution. With four and a half hours left until Ace’s execution, Newkam’s army is heading to the next level.
In front of the stairs to level 2, Ivankov, still in his kinky girl, is seen rushing the prisoners and Newkamas to the stairs. After the last fighter passes, Magellan can be seen in the distance, his Hydra hovering above him. Ivankov shouts Inazuma’s name, to which Inazuma responds by running up the stairs to Level 2 while using his Choki Choki no Mi to slice through the stairwell walls.
At Level 2, the Newkams are surprised by Inazuma as Ivankov was still at Level 3. Inazuma urges them forward and prays for Iva’s safety. Magellan himself is impressed by Ivankov and asks what he was planning to do. Ivankov states that if Magellan didn’t know what was going to happen next, Magellan was a bigger fool than previously thought. Ivankov transforms back into his original form and uses Death Wink on Magellan’s Hydra, blasting it through a hole. Magellan states that time cannot be bought for Luffy, to which Ivankov responds that Magellan could not defeat him because of Ivankov’s Newkama Kenpo.
Level 2, Beast Hell
Luffy notices that Magellan, Ivankov and Inazuma are missing. Mr. 2 Bon Kurei tells Luffy that the two revolutionaries are left at Level 3. Luffy tries to go back, but Mr. 2 stops him, saying that he must trust the “Dragon Master”. The crocodile notices that the entire floor is deserted. Jinbe also notices and asks if someone else released all the prisoners.
Level 3, Hungry Hell
Magellan, High Warden of Impel Down vs. Emporio Ivankov Ivankov is seen kneeling on the ground screaming around his face as he is seen in flames. Magellan just watches. However, Ivankov gets up, normal-faced, and throws off the “heavy makeup” mask. Magellan claims that Iva bored him. Ivankov responds by using Newkama Kenpo. He uses a move called Dream-Strike-Condemn-Reverse-Fist, which Magellan prepares to retaliate.
Level 2, Beast Hell
In front of the cut stairs, Inazuma waits for Ivankov with hands like scissors for his Choki Choki no Mi devil fruit. As the debris shifts, Inazuma’s face brightens and then darkens as Magellan emerges from the debris using the Venom Road. Shocked, Inazuma prepares for battle, so does Magellan, but a stream of blood runs down his face, presumably from Ivankov. However, Ivankov lies on the ground soaked in poison. Inazuma cuts another floor from the ground and uses them as a defensive stance as Magellan runs forward.
Level 1, Crimson Hell
Buggy cries as the dungeon beasts are seen fighting the inmates in front of the main entrance gate. The Rebellion turns back, pursued by dungeon beasts. Buggy runs into the figure and tells it to watch where it’s going. The crocodile is revealed as a figure and tells a shocked Mr. 3 and Buggy to move her. Mr. 3, wondering why Crocodile is out of the cell, calls Crocodile “useless trash”.
A prisoner runs in and tells Buggy that the prison animals have been slaughtered. True, lo and behold, Luffy and Jinbe are once again seen standing in front of the unconscious dungeon beasts. Another prisoner reports to Buggy that a huge army of prisoners and “perverts” is rising from Level 2. Mr. 2 jumps in and kicks Buggy for abandoning them in Level 5. The Gatekeepers report that the Rebellion has teamed up and questions Magellan’s presence. Just in time, Magellan uses the Hydra and forces all the prisoners to flee. Luffy asks about Ivankov and Inazuma, and both Revolutionaries are seen lying in a pool of poison. Mr. 2 stops Luffy from attacking Magellan and urges him to continue forward.
Jinbe overhears Magellan talking to Den Den Mushi about the Marine warships, which starts to worry Jinbe. Fish-Man Shichibukai tells Luffy that he must get to the Main Entrance without delay, stating that there were bigger problems than Magellan. Hydra prepares to attack but is stopped by Mr. 3’s Wall of Candles. This surprises both Magellan and Luffy and Mr. 3 who says that Luffy’s optimism was contagious, if his guard was down, Mr. 3 would consider Luffy a friend. He tells Luffy that he could have just delayed Magellan for a while and moved on. Mr. 3 states that if he were to remain Luffy’s debt, he would be damned.

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