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Level 1, Crimson Hell
Mr. 3 tells the prisoners and the others to stop hanging around and run away as he uses his Dora Dora no Mi to create a Wall of Candles against Magellan’s Hydra. As Mr. 3 explains his powers to Magellan, Crocodile says that he is still surprised at how some Devil Fruits react to each other. The prisoners cheer for Mr. 3 as much as Luffy, saying that he forgot that Mr. 3 has the Doru Doru ability. Mr. 3 tells them to hurry, saying that he also wants to get out as soon as possible. Luffy turns to Jinbe and tells him to go get the battleship, saying that he could delay Magellan for a while. Jinbe reluctantly leaves and tells Luffy to be careful.
As Luffy tells Mr. 3 to prepare to fight, Mr. 3 immediately disagrees, saying that the only thing he could do against Magellan was defense. A number of prisoners also decide to stay and help Luffy and Mr. 3.
Luffy is then seen wearing the wax armor, crying due to the coldness of the armor. Magellan then takes this chance to produce another Hydra and attack, only to be stopped by another Candle Wall. Luffy jumps out of the way and uses the Gomu Gomu no Champion Rifle on Magellan, hitting him directly. As Magellan shakes, Luffy celebrates that he can touch Magellan without getting poisoned. The prisoners left behind found the cannons and Mr. 3 used his power to create a wall with the cannon barrels sticking out for cover. He fires at Magellan, who is then set on fire.
Impel Down, main entrance
Mr. 2 Bon Kurei stands on the jailer’s head and says that there is no one to stop them now. However, Mr. 1 tells him that Mr. 2 is an amateur because he disappoints so easily. As Mr. 2 asks why, Mr. 1 states that there were 10 battleships outside, each manned by 800 marines. Even if they were to take one, they would take the other 9 at the same time. As the rebellion approaches the door to the outside world, they all cry out for freedom and that if they were free it would be heaven, while if they were caught it would be hell. As they enter the outside world, there are no ships to be seen, only the blue sea. Each prisoner is surprised and horrified that they would end up in Impel Down. Crocodile says that the enemy was not as stupid as previously thought with the Sea Kings in the Calm Belt. However, Jinbe points out that the Marine warships were still visible in the fog. The prisoner complains that they were too far to reach, to which Jinbe tells them not to worry.
Outside Impel Down, Calm Belt
Jinbe pulls one of the gates to Impel Down and throws it into the sea. The prisoners cheer Jinbe on as Buggy, Mr. 1, and Crocodile jump onto the makeshift boat. The prisoner says that seeing the sea warrior increases their hopes of survival. Although Buggy has a number of loyal supporters, he thinks he would rather be safe with the two Warlords of the Sea than be near Magellan. The cannonball explodes in the water, right next to the boat.
When the Marines identify the Sea Knight, they begin targeting him. To Buggy’s surprise, Jinbe reveals that he will be firing at the Marine warship from the entry boat. Buggy begins to panic, believing that Jinbe has abandoned them. The crocodile tells him to shut up and be still.
Underwater, Jinbe uses Fish-Man Ju-Jitsu: Mizu-Gokoro, which appears to be a move that allows Jinbe to hold water and use it to create a current. Jinbe uses the current to arc through the doorboat and lands on the marine warship. When Mr. 1 and the crocodile land on their two feet, Buggy falls face first. The Marines quickly surround the three intruders, stating that since they were all fruit users, if they were in the sea, they would be helpless. Mr. 1 and Crocodile glare at the marines. As the marines prepare to shoot at them, Jinbe uses Fish-Man Karate: Spear Wave, which goes straight through one side of the ship and diagonally across the other. Jinbe apologizes for being careless and ends the chapter.

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