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Level 1, Crimson Hell
Magellan approaches the small force holding out against him, saying that his poison was called kinjite. Luffy tries to fight Magellan some more, but the poison climbs up Luffy’s wax leg armor causing Mr. 3 to absorb the wax before the poison hits Luffy. Magellan then creates a gigantic skull made of poison.
Mr. 3 and Luffy flee as the skull keeps getting closer, it can’t be stopped.
Impel Down, main entrance
Mr. 2 is concerned about the safety of Luffy and the others and asks for progress in capturing the battleship. Someone replies that they heard cannon fire but had no idea what was going on behind the fog. Mr. 2 is concerned because of the distance between the warships and Impel Down, and that they wouldn’t be able to hold off Magellan for that long.
Aboard a naval warship
The Marines continue to try to throw Crocodile and Mr. 1 into the water, but they cannot succeed. The two men take down the marines with no problem. The other warships begin firing on the captured warship, but are stopped by Jinbe’s waterspouts, which rush the decks and muffle all gunpowder.
Impel Down, main entrance
Luffy and Mr. 3 continue their escape, followed by Magellan. Suddenly, something huge emerges from the ground: it’s Ivankov with a gigantic face, and he’s bringing Inazuma with him.
Jinbe makes contact with Luffy and tells him the distance between them and Impel Down. Jinbe tells Luffy to jump into the water as soon as he gets to it, which angers many people since they are in the Calm Zone. Mr. 3 states that Jinbe cannot be trusted because he is a puppet of the government. However, Luffy says that he could trust Jinbe because he is Ace’s friend.
As Magellan and his Venom Demon rush forward, Luffy and Mr. 3 throw a final attack, creating a gigantic wax wall with spikes on one side and push it into the Venom Demon, stopping it for a moment. However, the poison begins to eat through the wall. Luffy urges Iva to wake up and tells everyone to grab Iva’s face. Iva uses his hell wink and flies into the ocean holding everyone on top of her.
Near the warships, the marines begin to notice that creatures have begun to emerge from the oceans. Iva lands on what is revealed to be a school of whale sharks, which she calls Jinbe. Jinbe asks the whale sharks to bring Luffy and the companions to the warship. Luffy comments on Jinbe saying he was awesome.

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