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Impel Down: Level 4
At Impel Down, Blackbeard thanks Shiryu for saving his crew’s lives by giving them the antidote to Magellan’s poison and suggests that he join the Blackbeard Pirates. She happily accepts Shiryu.
On the way to Marineford
Meanwhile, on Tarai’s stream, Ivankov tells everyone to let Inazuma rest until he recovers from the poison himself. While a fight breaks out between Buggy and Luffy over Mr. 2’s fate, Crocodile, who was confused as to why the brutal Fish-man has the ability to talk to sea creatures, asks this question to Jinbe, and Jinbe does not deny that the Fish-man is a brutal race.
Jinbe later notices Luffy jump aboard where Crocodile and he are, so he thanks Luffy for giving him another chance to save Ace. He also wants to thank and apologize for Arlong, but eventually gives up because the current goal is more important. Jinbe then properly introduces himself to Luffy and tells him about his possibly revoked Shichibukai status and that he intends to go to Marine HQ to fulfill Mr. 2’s wishes.
This shocks both Luffy and Buggy, Luffy who didn’t know Jinbe was a Shichibukai, Buggy who is surprised that they were heading straight for Marine HQ. Crocodile tells Buggy that the moment they entered the Gate of Justice, they could only head to the Marine HQ on the Tarai Current, and that the purpose of the outbreak was the interest in the war with Whitebeard.
While the pirates are arguing, Den Den Mushi rings and Luffy answers. It’s a call from a marine who says it’s a message from the Impel Down escort fleet and that they’ve put two masterminds behind the prison break: Luffy and Buggy. The Marine says that they thought Buggy was an ordinary pirate, but upon further investigation, they found out that he was previously on Gol D. Roger’s pirate ship. This surprises everyone, even Buggy, when they find out about his past. The Marine also reveals that they had no intention of opening the Gates of Justice for them so they couldn’t get to Marine HQ and break away from the Tarai current.
All the inmates congratulate Buggy on his “legendary” status. Buggy tries to tell them he was just an apprentice, but is bombarded with cheers. Buggy suddenly has a brainwave, thinking this could be the moment his reputation could skyrocket, even planning to take Whitebeard’s head. He finally changes his mind and decides to go to Marine Headquarters as well. All the prisoners agree to follow him anywhere.
At Marine Corps Headquarters, Ace is sent to the gallows at noon with three hours to go, forced to climb a very long flight of stairs. As he climbs, he has a flashback where he and Luffy promised not to live without regrets. The guard opens the door to the gallows. Ace soon steps forward to meet his destiny.

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