Read One Piece Manga Chapter 553


The Marines panic as two tsunamis head towards them. Doflamingo laughs at the “Legendary Pirate”, i.e. Whitebeard, while the great pirate himself also laughs. Soon, Aokiji vaporizes from his chair and uses Ice Age on the two tsunamis, freezing them completely. Whitebeard calls Aokiji a “little rascal” as the marines are relieved. Aokiji sends Ice Spears towards Whitebeard, who stops them and cuts Aokiji in half to do so. Aokiji disintegrates into ice, but reforms near the water and completely freezes the bay, creating an icy battlefield. The whitebeard pirates look around, observing the new foothold, but the fact that they could no longer move. The marines fire on the ships as Whitebeard’s allies jump up and prepare to fight.
The vice admirals have HQ Marines dismount and line up, all holding swords. The opposition comments on their lineup, stating that it rarely happened and it looked like a Buster Call. Tsuru is warned to stay back, but says that even if she were to retreat to the end of the seas, she would never be safe.
Mihawk pulls out his legendary sword and tells Doflamingo that he was going to test the power between a certain man and him. Mihawk launches a gigantic aerial strike at Whitebeard, but is suddenly stopped by Jozu, or better known as the third division commander, “Diamond” Jozu. Next, Kizaru prepares to attack, sending a shower of light bullets at Whitebeard. The old pirate comments that the light was bright and while he was taking a shower, someone jumped into the commotion and stopped the shower. The Marines look up to see Marco, the commander of the First Division in blue flames. Marco says he couldn’t take the king on your first move, probably referring to chess, while Kizaru says the Whitebeard Pirates scare people.

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