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The marines are still shocked that Marco took the attack from Kizaru and was still standing. Everyone is talking about the rumors of Marco’s abilities. Kizaru comments on the “Mythical Beast” Zoan, saying that it was scarier than Logia because Marco takes on the form of a phoenix. Marco rushes towards Kizaru in his Zoan form and transforms into the regular Zoan hybrid form, half animal and human. He kicks Kizaru in the elbow and falls to the ground. Kizaru appears unharmed and orders the Giant Unit to prepare for airstrikes. A group of sea giants prepares and heads towards the Whitebeard Pirates.
The Whitebeard Pirates prepare for the “big boys” and tell everyone to back off. Jozu appeared to be lifting something, and it turned out to be a gigantic piece of iceberg, large enough to easily cover a giant squad of marines. Akainu looks up and says that everyone was there, but they couldn’t protect the place. Akainu stands up and his arm turns into what looks like black smoke, but is later revealed to be a magma fist. Akainu aims his fist at the glacier and vaporizes the entire glacier as well as sending magma projectiles towards the Whitebeard Pirates.
Whitebeard is still standing on the whale head of his ship, watching the projectiles destroy one of his ships. Whitebeard mutters that Akainu thought he was “fine” with his fire. Whitebeard grabs the burning stone from Akainu and hooks it onto his weapon. He tells Akainu to go light the birthday cake, to which the Marine admiral counters that he would like to light Whitebeard’s funeral pyre. A battle rages across the bay: two Whitebeard pirates are seen attacking a sea giant, while a man wielding a flaming katana attacks a group of marines. During this fight, a huge Giant, similar to Oars, will appear. It is then revealed that this is actually a descendant of Oars, “Little Oars Jr.”
Gecko Moria snaps, surprised that a descendant of Oars is under Whitebeard’s command and wants to claim his corpse. Donquijote Doflamingo also laughs and says that things just got interesting.

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