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The Giant Squad of the Marines heads forward to take on the monstrous Little Oars Jr.; the two giants talk to each other and say it’s the first time they’ve really looked up to someone. The Marines try to confront Oars Jr. full blast, with a horrified Ace watching. Sengoku comments that Oars Jr. is quite an ally. However, Ace yells at Oars Jr. saying that given his size he would be an unfortunate target. Oars Jr. they continue, determined to save Ace.
Behemoth of Oars Jr. he picks up a marine warship by its mast and uses it as a hammer, creating a hole in the marines’ defenses. Marine sees that the situation is bad and orders a retreat to prevent the pirates from reaching the execution platform. The vice admiral falls to the despair of the marines. Whitebeard claims that Oars Jr. he is crazy and that she has no idea what to do with him. He goes on to say that there is a difference between heroism and suicide. Oars Jr. he yells at his captain saying that all he wants is to save Ace. Whitebeard agrees and orders his men to back up the giant. Oars Jr. they keep fighting and scare the living daylights out of marines.
Boa Hancock watches and decides to act, using her Mero Mero no Mi to blow up a heart-shaped balloon and using a move called Slave Arrow. The Whitebeard Pirate recognizes the Pirate Empress, but slowly turns to stone. She used another move, Perfume Femur, attacking both Whitebeard Pirates and Marines. The Marine stands up and questions her action. To his surprise, Hancock replies that with pirates and marines, all men are the same, except for one (Luffy).
Kuma steps forward, uses Ursus Shock against Little Oars Jr., destroying the walls and injuring the giant. Still, Oars Jr. he stands covered in blood and notices that his conical hat has fallen. Ace yells at him to stop, that he won’t make it. However, Oars Jr. he doesn’t listen, instead entering a flashback.
Flashback Oars Jr
Ace is seen talking to Oars Jr. and says he learned hat-making in the Wano country. Ace continues and says that he thought it must have been really hot in the sky so he made a hat. Oars Jr. he really enjoys the hat. People also looked up and said that Ace tried twice to get the hat right, saying that it was only expected of a fire man trying to make a straw hat. Vesla Jr. is sitting outside, happy he didn’t get his head wet with his new conical hat on his head. In another scene, it’s the same, except it snowed.
Marines shoot at Oars Jr. The giant being shoots from directions, but claims it could take down at least one Shichibukai. He attacks an unsuspecting Doflamingo. However, Shichibukai jumps over Oars Jr. and cuts off the giant’s leg, laughing and shouting that the fight was a riot. Ace watches in confusion as Oars Jr. he rested on the stump of his leg, noting that it took just a little more to reach Ace as he and the Whitebeard Pirates now entered the square. As he reaches out to grab his dear friend, Moria acts, enraged that Doflamingo hurt Oars Jr. intending to use his corpse. He uses his Kage Kage no Mi Devil Fruit power to create Tsuno-Tokage’s shadow spear that impales Oars Jr. to the stomach. The huge monster falls in front of Ace and falls to the ground, hand a few feet from the second division commander.

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