Read One Piece Manga Chapter 556


Kuma and Mihawk watch as Oars Jr. it falls as Moria claims it was how to kill the real way and Hancock notes that great people lived in the ocean. Ace shouts the giant’s name as Oars Jr. he falls down defeated. Doflamingo bursts out laughing, causing the Whitebeard Pirate to question the laughter. Whitebeard also sees Oars Jr. fall when a Marine from Giant Squad tries to kill Whitebeard, saying that he should never mourn in war. However, Whitebeard uses his Gura Gura no Mi Devil Fruit power, smashing the giant’s helmet against Moby Dick’s helmet, shattering the headset and knocking out Vice Admiral Lonzo. Whitebeard orders his men to charge forward through the gap created by Oars Jr.
Far away, a man tries to catch his animals, but gives up, saying there was a lot of earthquakes.
Doflamingo responds to the Whitebeard Pirate, 13th Division Commander ‘Water Buffalo’ Atmos, saying that being at the core of the era “broke him”. Doflamingo uses his mysterious Devil Fruit power on Atmos, who suddenly warns his friends to stay back. However, Atmos is too late with the warning and is forced to fight his own crewmates. Koby witnesses the horror around him and runs for his life with Helmepp, saying that these people were too strong for him. However, to the surprise of both marines, Akainu is around the corner and orders the marine to take his place. Marine answers and says he had to leave to be with his family. Akainu shows no mercy and uses his devil fruit ability against the marine. Afterwards, Akainu calls out that preparations for the plan have been completed. Atmos remains under Shichibukai’s control. Shichibukai himself shouts out these terms for things that have changed over time. People who did not see the war had different meanings for “Marine” or “Pirate”. Doflamingo says that the earth was neutral and whoever was on top would define Justice, thus shouting, Justice will prevail. The Whitebeard Pirates charge forward, suddenly aided by an icebreaker. This belongs to the ‘Ice Witch’ Whitey Bay, who breaks through the ice. A marine runs up to Sengoku stating that the Whitebeard Pirates have invaded, but Sengoku replies that he didn’t care. Tsuru is also alerted to the plan after dealing with the pirates. Whitebeard notices the soldiers holding the Den Den Mushi, he laughs when he realizes that Sengoku had a plan. Garp goes up to the stands where Sengoku asks if Garp had a problem with the new plan. Garp claims not, saying that he felt no pity for the pirate. He has flashbacks from when Ace and Luffy were young, including one where Ace called him an “old shit”. He sits down next to Ace, claiming that the family was different, now crying and asking Ace why he didn’t fulfill his grandfather’s wish and become a Marine. Sengoku tells Garp that he wouldn’t hold him back if he tried to save his grandson. However, Garp says that if he could, he would. Koby and Helmeppo speak in hushed tones, confused after discovering the plan: the Marines intended to execute Ace before the deadline. At this point, they notice something falling from the sky. There is a cry from heaven that the “wink” was too much. The Marines look up and so does Ace. These people are soon revealed to be Luffy and his army of Impel Down refugees, all shouting that they don’t wish to die, except Luffy who claims that since he was rubber he will be fine. Finally, Luffy arrives on the scene.

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