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The chapter opens with Luffy telling Whitebeard about a new plan to execute Ace early. Luffy makes his way towards Ace while Ivankov wonders why Luffy would talk to Whitebeard as if they were equals and also questions the origin of Luffy’s confidence. As Whitebeard contemplates the Marine’s next move, Marco appears in front of him and reports that the Marines are going to execute Ace up front. Whitebeard replies that he knew and to keep calm. He suggests that the Marines’ new move was meant to anger the Whitebeard Pirates, believing that Sengoku would not allow such a plan to be so easily overheard. Kizaru appears, stating that the Sky Dragons demanded the arrest of “Straw Hat Luffy” after the Sabaody incident, and prepares to attack him, his leg glowing with light. The Impel Down pirates look on and assume Luffy is dead. However, Iva uses his signature move, Death Wink, to push Luffy out of the line of fire.
Buggy and his group of refugees shout that they all wanted to go home. However, the escapees mistook Buggy for saying “I want to kill Kizaru”. Everyone is in awe and says that the “crews of legends” were not afraid of the admirals. Mr. 3 yells at them for having their ears “full of too much hope.” Luffy thanks Iva when Iva notices another beam, mistaking it for Kizaru. Iva uses Rolling Aesthetic to get out of the beam fire. As the dust clears, Kuma appears to have shot it, much to Iva’s surprise. Iva thinks, even if Kuma thought of his role as a warrior, how could he shoot at an old friend like him?
Luffy insists when Hina (or to Luffy, “the girl from Arabasta”) appears, using her power to create a cage. Luffy says he was sick of being locked up and enters Gear Second, escaping Hina, causing the Marine Captain to capture her own marines instead. Moria spots Luffy and orders his new zombie army to attack him using fallen soldiers and an arsenal of shadows. Luffy prepares to fight them when Ace yells at Luffy to stay away. He states that they were both pirates and knew better. Ace goes on to say that he had his own battles, his own crew, and Luffy shouldn’t interfere. Ace called Luffy a weakling and said that he wouldn’t forgive someone like him for saving him, stating that it was humiliating. He then tells Luffy to “go home”.
Now Luffy becomes enraged and shouts that he is Ace’s brother. Ace has a flashback to when he once said, “When we have a drink together, we’ll be brothers” and both younger versions of the duo laugh and smile.
The marines begin questioning Luffy’s parents and mistake him for the son of the former pirate king. Moria seizes this chance and urges her zombie soldiers to attack. However, they are all cleared. The reason is clear when Jinbe stands wet from the sea water and remembers that salt was their weakness. As the mace-wielding giant begins to attack Luffy, Sengoku shouts that Luffy should have been taken down as well, revealing that Luffy is Ace’s sworn brother and the son of the “revolutionary” monkey D. Dragon. This again surprises everyone, the reporters call their headquarters to inform their bosses. Buggy, Mr. 3 and Moria are shocked. Koby and Helmeppo are surprised that Sengoku revealed Luffy’s heritage. Mihawk states that the news wasn’t too surprising at this point; Hancock still loves Luffy and claims she wouldn’t care if he was a “son of demons” and Kuma says nothing. Doflamingo laughs and finally comes to an answer as to why Emporio Ivankov was at his side. Jinbe puts everything together as does Smoker, who also finds the answer to the Loguetown incident. Garp, the father and grandfather, states that he didn’t have to hide it anymore, with Luffy having already acquired such an infamous board, the names and labels don’t have to mean anything either.
Luffy activates Gear Third just as the giant appears to be dealing the final blow. Luffy sends the giant flying with the Gomu Gomu no Gigant Rifle, earning the applause of many of Whitebeard’s men. Luffy then shouts that he would save Ace even if it killed him. Amused by Luffy’s actions, Whitebeard tells Marco that if the boy Luffy were to die, he would not forgive him. Marco accepts his new order, ending the chapter.

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