Read One Piece Manga Chapter 560


The chapter opens with Hancock giving Luffy a key and telling him that it’s the key that unlocks Ace’s bonds. Luffy is very excited about this and jumps on Hancock to hug her and shout thank you. Hancock is overcome by Luffy’s emotion mark and she falls to the ground. The marines watching her and Luffy are stunned that Luffy “beat” her with a sumo move. Hancock begins to think about what just happened and thinks that since Luffy was holding her tightly, they are married. Smoker tries to go after Luffy again, but Hancock stops him once more. Smoker asks Hancock if he knows what the Marines will do with her when it’s all over, but Hancock doesn’t care.
Luffy continues to run and runs into a scene with Ivankov, Kuma and Doflamingo. Ivankov asks Doflamingo what he means by “Kuma is dead” if Kuma is standing right there. Luffy asks if Ivankov knows him. When Doflamingo again states that the pacifist is not Kuma, Ivankov again demands to know what he means. Doflamingo explains that a few days before the date of Ace’s execution, Vegapunk performed the final modification on Kuma. When Ivankov says he doesn’t understand, Doflamingo goes on to say that Kuma volunteered to be a government test patient. What initially started as simple makeovers of his arms and legs went on and on as more and more parts were modified. Ivankov yells that Kuma hated the World Government, to which Doflamingo replies that he doesn’t know how Kuma was fully involved with the government, but he does know that all of his past has been erased. In this, Luffy remembers that on the Sabaody Archipelago, Kuma told him “We will never meet again”. When Kuma attacks again, Ivankov uses Face Spectrum and Galaxy Wink. Ivankov says that he has never been a person to forget him and that he will push the memories back into Kuma. Ivankov then orders his followers to support Luffy, who starts running to the gallows.
As Luffy continues to run, Buggy tells his new followers (refugees from Impel Down) to begin “the plan”. Crocodile is attacked by many of Whitebeard’s followers, but he and Mr. 1 manage to kill or at least seriously injure most of them. An angry Whitebeard says how much the Crocodile is in pain, and at Jozu’s call, he uses his Devil Fruit ability to create a giant diamond fist to punch the Crocodile in a spot near Doflamingo. He continues to attack Crocodile when he is suddenly stopped by Doflamingo. Crocodile yells at Doflamingo not to do anything if he doesn’t want to get killed. Doflamingo laughs at this remark and recommends that they join forces.
On the last page, Luffy runs straight to the gallows, but is stopped by Mihawk, who says to himself, “I’m sorry Redhead, I won’t stay here.” Luffy recognizes Mihawk and he asks if Luffy will die now or if he will be able to escape his Black Blade.

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