Read One Piece Manga Chapter 563


Everyone is shocked as they watch Squard stab Whitebeard in the chest. As the events are broadcast to the world via Den Den Mushi, an angry Marco steps in and tackles Squard to the ground. Squard explains the reasons for his actions by saying that Whitebeard made a deal with the World Government and spared his life, Ace and the rest of Whitebeard’s crew, while the lives of his allies would be in danger of being killed. Additionally, Squard seems to hold a grudge against Gol D. Roger for decimating his friends years ago and that Whitebeard’s befriending of Ace was already a betrayal on his part. He then loudly shouts his observation, saying that the marines only attack allies and not Whitebeard himself. To make things even more complicated, Aokiji’s ice walls created at the beginning of the battle trap all the pirates in the bay. When Whitebeard’s allies begin to doubt Whitebeard himself, Aokiji freezes Buggy and his colleagues at Impel Down, leaving the world to wonder if this was planned all along. Soon after, the order comes to raise the siege wall. Crocodile then comments on how Whitebeard has weakened, saying that Whitebeard was stronger back then. Marco, trying to figure out the whole mess comments on how he should avoid it to Whitebeard, but his health is also lacking.
Finally, Whitebeard breaks his silence and says that Squard was a foolish son, but no matter how foolish he was, he still loves him and bends down to hug him. Whitebeard asks Squard who managed to turn his loyalty against him, and Squard replies that a member of the rebel faction said that if he can kill Whitebeard, his crew will be spared. Whitebeard, who is able to immediately deduce that it was Akainu, tells Squard to hate Ace for being Roger’s son, but to befriend him since Squard has done nothing wrong. He also comments that Ace is not the only special person and that everyone in his “family” was special.
Whitebeard praises Sengoku’s highly deceptive strategy and says that he still has ideas of how to be an elite strategist. To assure his crew and allies that Whitebeard has not sold his children, he destroys the two ice walls blocking the way early so that the pirates have an escape route. His allies, now convinced that he didn’t sell them out, are now happy to know the truth, and Whitebeard makes one last statement before jumping off his ship and joining the fight himself. Sengoku yells to get ready as the strongest man in the world begins his attack!

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