Read One Piece Manga Chapter 572


All of Whitebeard’s allies cheer Luffy and Ace for their efforts, while the Impel Down refugees marvel at Luffy’s feats up to that point. The marines prepare to stop Ace and Luffy, who are about to break through. When the marines open fire, Ace and Luffy easily fend off the soldiers. Whitebeard’s forces try to make a way for Luffy and Ace while the marines continue to try to execute them. Aokiji fires a mass of ice at them, which Ace blocks with a huge wall of fire. Sengoku scornfully grumbles that he allowed the two to escape; Doflamingo suggests that they let them escape to make things more interesting, to which Vice Admiral Momonga scolds him; Akainu vows not to let any of them leave; the marines come across Mr. 3 lying exhausted from his actions.
Whitebeard’s extra ship suddenly sails through Marineford, piloted by Squard. Squard reveals that he wishes to stop the marines while the others escape. Marco comments on Squard’s stupidity as an ally unlocks the Seastone bonds around him. As the ship approaches the city, it screeches to a halt as Whitebeard stops it with one hand. Whitebeard shouts that Squard didn’t do anything because he was nearing the end of his life anyway; then he says he’s about to deliver his final “captain’s order”. As his men try to talk him out of it, Whitebeard yells that they must split up and that everyone must return to the New World alive at all costs. He claims to be nothing more than a remnant of a past era that brought a massive earthquake to the town of Marineford. The crew, remembering his past, ask Whitebeard what he wants if he doesn’t desire the treasure, and he tells the crew of his presence that he has come a long way and is ready to settle things with the marines.

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