Read One Piece Manga Chapter 574


Ace hugs Luffy and takes his last breath. Ace asks Luffy to forgive him for not letting Luffy save him completely. Marco tells Mr. 3 to make him a key so he can remove the handcuffs from Seastone.
While the allies and members of the Whitebeard Pirates fend off Admiral Akainu, Sengoku is forced to subdue Garp because otherwise Garp would try to kill Akainu. Ace’s crewmates call for a doctor, but Ace says it’s too late as his insides have been melted. Many flashbacks from Ace’s past are shown, with people commenting that if Gol D. Roger has a child, the child should just die.
Ace then says his last words about how he will miss everyone and how glad he was that his friends accepted him and that he has a family. He also mentions someone dear to him for the first time. In the final flashback, Luffy is crying and Ace tells Luffy that he will never die because he has a little brother to worry about. With that, his Vivre Card completely burns and a flashback of his mother appears, naming him Gol D. Ace. Both Whitebeard and Garp begin to cry. In the final scene, Ace dies in front of Luffy’s lap, leaving Luffy alone with a tormented look on his face, spelling the end of the Gol D bloodline.

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