Read One Piece Manga Chapter 575


The chapter begins with a flashback to Ace and Luffy having a drink and becoming brothers. Everyone is saddened by Ace’s death. Ivankov notes that Luffy has had a mental breakdown and his life is now in danger. Akainu tries to kill Luffy, but Marco interrupts the attack. Marco orders Jinbe to take Luffy with him. Marco swears that the Whitebeard Pirates will protect him instead of Ace, and if they let him die, they would consider it a disgrace to all of the Whitebeard Pirates. Whitebeard, who had been observing the situation, wordlessly attacks Akainu from behind. Akainu goes down and his face is covered in blood. Akainu retaliates with a punch that knocks off part of Whitebeard’s head. Whitebeard then strikes Akainu a second time, which also causes massive destruction to Marine HQ itself. Akainu falls into the crevasse created by Whitebeard and is therefore beaten by him. Marineford Square is split in two by a gap and the pirates are separated from Whitebeard. Sengoku comments on how Whitebeard still has so much power even after losing part of his head. The pirates return to the ship. Boa Hancock tells her snake pet Salome that she is worried about Luffy. The Blackbeard Pirates are then seen standing on the execution platform with several other members. Shocked by their presence, Sengoku asks how they got there. Doflamingo just comments on how awesome it is that they have a great guest. Blackbeard himself says he’s glad he got there in time to see Whitebeard die.

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