Read One Piece Manga Chapter 576


After being quickly alerted by the escaped Level 6 prisoners from Blackbeard’s crew, Whitebeard and Blackbeard begin fighting each other. Blackbeard’s Yami Yami no Mi abilities negate Whitebeard’s Gura Gura no Mi abilities, but Whitebeard still gains the upper hand, saying that he could never call Blackbeard “son” after all he’s done. There is a flashback of a conversation between Whitebeard and Roger in which Roger offers to tell Whitebeard how to get into Laugh Tale to claim the One Piece. Whitebeard turns him down, saying that the treasure is not what he is looking for. Roger notes that everyone calls him Golden Roger when he’s Gol D. Roger. Whitebeard asks about the D and its meaning, and Roger tells him off-panel.
Meanwhile, when Whitebeard nearly kills Blackbeard by using his earthquake powers at point range. He secretly says that Blackbeard is not the person Roger was waiting for, but rather someone who will carry the weight of all those centuries (of people passing their will to the next generation) on his back to challenge the world in a massive war. Another flash conversation occurs where a much younger Whitebeard tells the unknown pirate that he is not interested in the treasure. He just wants a family. Apologizing to his sons for leaving Blackbeard to deal with them, he thanks them and bids them a final farewell. Whitebeard is eulogized by the narrator, who lists all the injuries he suffered in this war, but his back, where his jolly roger is tattooed, bears no marks or scars of retreat as Whitebeard dies standing.

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