Read One Piece Manga Chapter 577


The chapter begins with Whitebeard’s death being shown around the world as seen in the Archipelago. There, Silvers Rayleigh is shown smiling and tearfully commenting on Whitebeard’s death. Marineford is then shown, split in two, with the peak in the middle. Fleet Admiral Sengoku and Monkey D. Garp look at the recently killed Edward Newgate. The Shichibukai are seen laughing and/or watching Whitebeard’s last stand. An army of Pacifists is also seen watching. Marco is also seen grieving.
Blackbeard and his crew are seen throwing a black cloth over Whitebeard as Blackbeard goes inside the cloth with Whitebeard’s body. Shiryu asks if they will dissolve and go their separate ways if Blackbeard fails. Laffitte tells the Marines that this is a no-entry zone. The Whitebeard Pirates and Marines are surprised by the action and wonder what they want to do with their former captain and enemy, though Blackbeard’s pirates seem excited.
Buggy is shown to be unable to take the drama of the battlefield any longer and is seen crying as he tries to escape. His newfound crew of Impel Down prisoners follow him, understanding that their leader cannot take Whitebeard’s head. They left for Den Den Mushi, leaving Sabaoda’s audience to watch the war draw to a close. Jinbe is seen carrying D. Luffy’s monkey, who is in shock after having a mental breakdown over the loss of his brother. To encourage Luffy, his name is shouted from Whitebeard’s fleet. Just then, Jinbe remembers what his last conversation with Ace was like. Ace asked Jinbe to take care of his brother if Ace didn’t survive. Jinbe replied that he only protects people he cares deeply about. Admiral Aokiji then freezes the bay where the pirate fleet is. Now, thanks to his Hie Hie no Mi abilities, the fleet cannot escape.
A huge explosion appears in front of Jinbe and Luffy, preventing them from moving forward. Akainu is shown in flame and smoke, covered in blood. He said that Jinbe should give up Dragon’s son. To convince Jinbe that he shouldn’t turn Luffy in, the Whitebeard Pirates shout that Ace’s family is their family. Jinbe then declares that he will protect Luffy even if it costs him his life. Meanwhile, Emporio Ivankov appears behind Jinbe. Okama tells Jinbe to run and fires a Hell Wink at Akainu. Between these actions, the fabric covering Whitebeard and Teach is removed. Jesus Burgess and Avalo Pizarro laugh, everyone else looks surprised that nothing happened to their father and dead enemy.
Blackbeard is seen using Yami Yami no Mi to create a Black Hole. Then, to everyone’s shock and amazement, he takes Whitebeard’s attack stance and uses Gura Gura no Mi. For the second time, Marineford Plaza is attacked by air shocks and earthquakes, causing it to fall apart. Blackbeard is seen looking at his two hands, each powered by his Devil Fruit, and proclaims that he is the ultimate being. Marines notes that he stole Whitebeard’s powers. Marco claims that Teach is not a normal person. The archipelago is also in shock, including Sengoku and Akainu. Blackbeard shouts that this is his era.

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