Read One Piece Manga Chapter 578


The chapter opens with the Marines fleeing the main building of Marineford, which is beginning to collapse. As the top of the building begins to collapse, everyone, even on the archipelago, looks shocked and in tears. Every citizen and sailor is devastated. As the battlefield begins to become uneven, the Blackbeard Pirates move away from each other. The Whitebeard Pirates and their allies look angry. Marshall D. Teach questions how he should begin using his new powers, and at the same time answers that he will sink Marineford to its core. But then Teach is shocked when he is attacked by the Buddha form of Admiral Sengoku Fleet. As the shock wave surrounds the Blackbeard Pirates, Sengoku dampens the shock wave so they collapse. The attack sends the Blackbeard Pirates flying to the ground. Shiryu and Avalo Pizarro fly away and Blackbeard coughs up blood. When he recovers, he creates another shockwave as he stands on the cliff. Sengoku hits the blast wave a second time, blasting the Blackbeard Pirates away. Vasco Shot and Burgess cough up blood and try to get up. Sengoku looks down and says that as long as the marines have the base they can rebuild it. He yells at Blackbeard and tells him that Marineford is the center of the world and Sengoku won’t let it sink. Blackbeard replies with an exhausted laugh, daring Sengoku to protect him.
At the same time, on the coast of Marineford, Admiral Akainu takes revenge on Emporio Ivankov for attacking him with the Hell Wink. As Ivankov and Inazuma fall to the ground, the dancers shoot Admiral Logie. Akainu, who is not injured at all, tells Jinbe to hand over the Dragon Son. Just then, Jinbe tries to reach the ocean and jumps towards it. In the air, he realizes that everything is ice. Aokiji sarcastically apologizes to the former Shichibukai. Jinbe looks back to see Akainu already on his heels. Akainu jumps after him and knocks the fisherman to the ice with his fist. However, Jinbe is barely hurt as the impact goes to Luffy’s stomach. The white bearded pirates hit back and shouted Jinbe’s name. They encourage him and shout that he should pass. At that moment he lands on his back. Akainu lands next to him shortly after. Jinbe gets up and looks at the still mentally broken Luffy. As Jinbe apologizes for making things worse, Akainu walks over to the two. He questions Jinbe’s attempt to save Luffy and not just himself because he doesn’t give the boy a chance to survive. Luffy’s straw hat falls to the ground.
As Akainu approaches them, he is split in two by the sand. When the admiral looks back, Crocodile is standing behind him, looking angry, and uses the Sables to blast Jinbe and Luffy into the air, away from Akainu. Jinbe looks shocked by the sandman’s rescue. Crocodile shouts that they should get Luffy and Jinbe on the ship. Impel Down refugees answer. The crocodile tells him that if he wants to protect someone, he has to do it right. As they fly, Luffy and Jinbe collide with the fleeing Buggy. His prison followers praise him for ‘saving’ them, again misinterpreting his cowardice. Suddenly, a giant molten fist attacks the shocked Buggy and his unwanted package, narrowly escaping. Akainu pulls himself together and looks up. Standing before him are Whitebeard’s commanders (including Marc and Vista) and Crocodile. As Akainu becomes even more angry seeing that everyone wants to save Luffy, Vista replies that Luffy loved Ace and got to know Whitebeard. Vista tells Akainu that they will not let the boy die and that they will send him to the next era. Marco, very angry, transforms into his Zoan Devil Fruit form. Akainu heads out to attack them all. Someone from Whitebeard’s fleet shouts that Blackbeard and Sengoku are fighting, and now the commanders and Akainu. He says the war is not over. Suddenly a submarine emerges from the unfrozen water, a door opens and someone shouts to bring ‘Mr. Straw hat to him. Buggy angrily asks why, the other replies that Luffy shouldn’t die here. Trafalgar Law and his crew are shown leaving their submarine. The law demands that Buggy hand over Luffy because he is a doctor.

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