Read One Piece Manga Chapter 583


Young Luffy tries to get used to his new home with Dadan, but runs into trouble as the mountain bandits want to use Luffy to run their errands. Young Luffy then tries to venture into the forests around his new home to look for food and meet young Ace. However, Ace seems to want nothing to do with Luffy at all. He then blocks any path Luffy takes after him, and Luffy finds another way to follow Ace as he returns home injured from fighting wild animals. After three months of following Ace and fighting almost every tough animal in the forest, Luffy finds Ace’s hideout.
Also in Ace’s hideout is a 10-year-old boy named Sabo. It turns out that Ace and Sabo have been stealing money and other valuables and hiding them so they can buy their own pirate ship and become pirates one day. This excites Luffy because he wants to be a pirate too. Angered that Luffy knows where their money is hidden, Ace and Sabo tie him to a tree and decide to kill him. After tying Luffy up, the two try to decide which one should actually kill Luffy.
Before they can do anything, they hear the voices of some adults. They turned out to be pirates from the Bluejam Crew, led by Captain Bluejam. Two pirates, Porchemy and an unknown crew member are then seen talking about Ace and Sabo. It turns out that Ace stole the money from the pirates and now Porchemy and another crew member want it back. As the two try to hide, they notice that Luffy is now missing and somehow captured by the Bluejam Pirates. The pirates start interrogating him, hoping to find out where their stolen money is hidden. Luffy pretends not to know about anything, so the pirates resort to taking him away for questioning. The chapter ends with Ace and Sabo seeing how much trouble Luffy is in as he leaves with the two Bluejam pirates.

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