Read One Piece Manga Chapter 584


Luffy is taken by Porchemy to an abandoned overturned ship where he tries to beat the hell out of him where Ace and Sabo are, but they fail due to his Gomu Gomu no Mi abilities, so Porchemy pulls out his spiked gloves to defeat him and sends his men, to look for Ace and Sabo in the meantime. At the same time, Ace and Sabo rush to hide their treasure from Porchemy’s men, who are unable to find information from the locals. Later that evening, Ace finishes hiding all their treasures, but Sabo returns to reveal that Luffy still hasn’t revealed their location. At the same time, Captain Bluejam is tired of waiting and Porchemy, knowing this, is getting more and more frustrated and wants to kill Luffy.
Just then, Ace and Sabo come to Luffy’s rescue and cut his ropes. Sabo prepares to escape, but Ace, determined not to run from any enemy, confronts Porchemy and forces Sabo to turn around and help defeat Porchemy, where he remains beaten until Captain Bluejam finds and kills him. Afterwards, when asked by Ace why he didn’t reveal their location, Luffy replies that Ace is the only person he can trust and wants him to live. Ace responds by calling Luffy a spoiled brat, prompting the two to argue about crying at their age and piracy, until Sabo interrupts, now needing a place to hide outside of the Gray Terminal.
They decide that Sabo will also stay with Dadan (both Dadan and Sabo get to know each other and recognize their nefariousness) and the three of them start fighting wild animals, urban punks, villains in the Gray Terminal, and pirates in the bay until they become known in the kingdom of Goa, which Dadan notes in the newspaper because at this time the world’s nobles visit the kingdom.

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