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Nami once again tricks the citizens of Weatheria and decides to stay behind to study New World weather patterns, such as lightning rain on one of the islands. Haredas point out that the weather in the New World is so dangerous that one needs to have good navigational skills to survive the weather in the New World. Nami talks about how reckless Luffy is and how he has no sense of direction. So Nami insists that he must learn how to navigate the most dangerous weather in the New World in order to help him become the Pirate King. Nami also begs Haredas to also teach her about the weather balls they create, however Haredas is a bit hesitant as he believes the invention should not be used as a weapon. Although that doesn’t stop her from smirking at the idea.
Brook is now behind bars in a cage and is on display as a freak show. The Longarm residents of Kenzan Island are a little frustrated as Brook sits still reading the newspaper, thinking about the moment Luffy recruited him into the Straw Hat Pirates. He tries to think how he can help Luffy. Brook then comes to the decision that he will be more useful to Luffy and then falls at a 40 degree angle and suddenly stands up. He is seen wielding a guitar in front of the Longarm people and begins to play a song called “Bone to be Wild”.
Robin leaves on the ship with the Revolutionaries. And for once, the Revolutionaries seem to be a group of people who actually hate Robin, since she was used to being hated by people ever since she was rumored to be a demon child. The revolutionaries set sail for Baltigo because their leader, Monkey D. Dragon, wishes to meet Robin. The revolutionaries ask Robin to get inside the ship where it is warm, but Robin decides to stay because of her distrustful nature. The revolutionaries then give her lots of blankets and take out all the hot food they prepared for her to make her comfortable. In the end, Robin decides to become stronger not for himself but for Luffy as well, even seeming surprised that he thinks this way.
The Marines are now looking for Franky for causing the biggest disaster on Karakuri Island. The people on the island mistake Franky for a cyborg gorilla, and the marines begin to take this into account, believing that it may have been the cyborg gorilla that caused Dr. Vegapunk. Franky is in the part of Vegapunk’s lab uncovered by the explosion. He begins to study everything that Dr. Vegapunk created the plans, especially the weapons. So Franky decides to live in the lab and learn about all the technology that Dr. Vegapunk suggested that he could help improve both the Thousand Sunny’s fighting abilities and his own. He used the locals’ houses to store his bikes and rode down only when he ran out of them. However, the two locals he was staying with are horrified by his current appearance (which is a result of being in the explosion of Dr. Vegapunk’s first lab). So Franky decides to wear a tiger rug over his face so he doesn’t look weird. The carpet gets too close to the flame and catches fire. Franky runs out of the lab all ablaze and screaming. The marines chasing him see him run out of the lab, but to them he looks like a fiery tiger demon and scares them into running away crying. What the Marines saw became known as “The Legend of the Sacred Burning Beast of Baldimore”.
Usopp now realizes that he needs to get stronger and he really needs to lose weight. He also realizes that Luffy doesn’t always win battles like he always thought. So he decides to become Heracles’ disciple so he can grow stronger. Rather excited by the idea, Heracles begins to teach Usopp about the secret to survival on the Boin Archipelago, which happens to be a plant called Pop Green, which has instant growth and various other uses. So Usopp decides that in order for Luffy to become the Pirate King, he should have become the true Sniper King.

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