Read One Piece Manga Chapter 599


The rest of the straw hats are shown in more detail. There is a flashback at the beginning where Luffy is shown on the Kuja Pirates ship before landing on Sabaody. Boa Hancock advises Luffy to be discreet and not attract attention as his face is widely known due to the events that took place two years ago. The flashback ends with Luffy saying goodbye to the Kuja Pirates and promising Hancock that he will see her again (again interpreting this as a marriage proposal, which Nyon quickly corrects). The next scene goes back to the confrontation between the fake Straw Hats and Luffy. Fake Luffy brags about his reward of 400,000,000 Beli to the real Luffy and demands that Luffy beg on his knees to be forgiven for knocking him down. Luffy apologizes and starts to leave. Fake Luffy quickly decides to shoot him, but Luffy easily dodges the bullets and uses his Haki to render them unconscious.
Meanwhile, Robin is shown arriving at the Thousand Sunny, noting that they left the ship alone for two whole years. She is then greeted by a new and improved Franky who says that this may be his first and probably last upgrade to his body. After the two discuss several topics (such as Robin being the 8th member to arrive and Rayleigh’s paint job on the ship), Franky comments on Brook’s newfound success and wonders if he will really return to the “pirate life”.
Brook is shown in concert, singing. The chapter progresses as the fake Straw Hats awaken to consciousness. Fake Luffy strengthens his determination to find Luffy, Nami, and Usopp. However, Fake Luffy is informed that Fake Robin has been kidnapped. He decides to leave her, which angers Chopper, who is still under the impression that they are the real Straw Hats. The helicopter takes off to find Robin. As he leaves, the Marines are discovered around the corner, convinced that the fakes are real due to Chopper’s presence among them. G1 reports that the Straw Hats are alive. Sentomaru finds out and decides to take himself, PX-5 and PX-7 to Sabaoda. The chapter ends with Sanji witnessing the one-eyed Zoro emerge from the ocean and cut open the half-sheeted pirate ship he accidentally boarded.

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