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Chopper gallops through the Sabaody Archipelago’s Grove 35 in his reindeer form, wildly yelling at Robin (fake) while questioning the actions of the Straw Hats (fake). He stops suddenly as Usopp and Nami ride by on one of the Bon Chari from the archipelago calling out to him. They finally reunite on the island and embrace like old friends. Both Usopp and Nami comment on how big and fluffy Chopper has become as they try to separate the fake Nami from the real Nami in their minds. Chopper catches on and informs them of Robin’s kidnapping. As the three of them ride the chari, revelations pile up, Chopper learns what’s going on, such as the kidnapped Robin being fake because the real one wouldn’t be easy to catch, after all these years of evading capture, it would be unlike he allowed himself to be bagged and carried away by her, and the straw hats he had encountered before were also fakes. However, Chopper is excited by the idea of ​​how famous he is and motivates him to want to create a signature. Usopp comments that he’s already made his own, while Nami adds that they’re famous in a bad way.
Meanwhile, fake Sanji and Zoro chase after the escaped Chopper (the real one) after their captain realizes that he was the real one, only to run into Luffy (also the real one), whose identity they still don’t know. After his final foray, at Hancock’s suggestion, he finally dons the fake mustache he was given, mistaking the fakes for the real thing, though they question if he was the “kid” they were looking for.
Back at Grove 41, Zoro expresses his intention to go fishing on the beach. Sanji yells at him, explaining that they don’t have time to look for the “incredible marima” (if Zoro’s incredible talent for getting lost stays in tact) and that they should head to the ship together, as everyone will gather there soon. . Zoro turns away from Sanji and complains that #7 thinks he’s better than #1. The numbers are a reference to the order of straw hats that arrived in the archipelago, hence Zoro’s complaint. Sanji, no longer angered by Zoro’s comment, engages in combat.
In Grove 46, a Marine spies new recruits and tries to join the “Straw Hats”. He confirms four of them: “Gashed” Albion worth Beli92,000,000, Lip “Service” Doughty at Beli 88,000,000, as well as “Wet-hair” Caribou and “Blood Splatterer” Coribou, with rewards of Beli 210,000,000, Beli 000 000, respectively While the Marine is talking to Den Den Mushi, Caribou sneaks up on him. The Marine falls back to the ground in terror as Caribou and Coribou intimidate him. The terrified Marine reaches for his weapon while the enemy’s back is turned, causing the Caribou to impale him with a spear. Further increasing the severity of their actions, Coribou begins to dig a living grave while his older brother prays to God for the “sins that this Marine has committed”. Tensions rise as an off-panel voice shouts, “So far, Caribou!”
Voices roar as fake Luffy boosts the morale of his followers. He appropriates them as an extension of himself, his “hands and feet.” He orders them to find and crush the real Straw Hats who humiliated him. In the middle of his speech, the fake Sanji and Zoro return with the real Luffy. Luffy talks to the fakes, believing them to be the real deal, but notices that the two get along better than he remembers. The fakes require the attention of their captain and his target, Luffy, stands before him.
The scene then cuts to Brook’s farewell concert where the crowd screams for an encore. Unfortunately, the Marines and his former managers surrounded him. The Marines confirm him as the 33,00,000 bounty Beli “buzzing” Brook, former captain of the Rumbar Pirates and member of the Straw Hat crew. Brook’s fans are worried about the news. His managers explained that telling them frankly that Brook was retiring would mark the end of the business abuse, prompting them to have Brook die with them. In fact, this prompts Brook to call his band and dancers to help him declare that the rumors were false, saying, “Straw Hat Luffy… Dead? Ridiculous – tell the world. Straw Hat Pirate Luffy Lives! “. The Marines are held back by fans as Brook plays an encore, showing that he is ready to go to the New World.
Back on the newly renovated Thousand Sunny, Nami, Usopp, and Chopper meet up with Franky and Robin. Usopp holds Chopper as he stares at Franky’s new upgrades, now with giant retractable hands and a hair growth feature. Nami is happy to see Robin and Franky again. Rayleigh and Shakky arrive. Shakky informs the crew of where the others are and the situation on the archipelago. Rayleigh talks to Nami to teach her how to control the cloaked ship. Concerned because Luffy hasn’t shown up yet, Usopp asks about him. With a smile on her face, Rayleigh replies that Luffy is already on the archipelago. The chapter ends with Rayleigh declaring, “It’s finally reboot time!!!”

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