Read One Piece Manga Chapter 601


The chapter opens at Brook’s concert where the Marines are attacked by a mob and prevent them from arresting Brook. Brook is rescued by the Rosy Life Riders, who claim it was an order from Shakky.
In Grove 46, Fake Luffy declares that he will make an example of the real Luffy for his disrespect, but is interrupted by marines who surround the pirates and block all entrances and exits. Fake Luffy orders Caribou and Coribou to use a captured marine as a hostage to open their way, but Caribou refuses and kills the marine. Fake Luffy is angry that Caribou disobeyed his orders, while real Luffy is confused as to why everyone calls him boss. The pirates and marines then face each other in battle. The morale of the pirates drops rapidly when the pacifists suddenly appear. Lip “Service” Doughty, worth Beli88,000,000, is easily defeated by the pacifist, causing an uproar among the pirates.
When the pirates turn to Fake Luffy for help, he escapes with the other fake Straw Hats, claiming that they cannot defeat the heavily armored pacifists. Sentomaru suddenly appears in front of Fake Luffy. Fake Luffy’s crew cheered him on and shouted “Boss Luffy will fight for us! Show us the power of 400,000,000!”. Sentomaru asks Fake Luffy why they called him “Straw Hat.” All Fake Luffy could do was try to intimidate Sentomaru with Luffy’s legacy. Undeterred by Fake Luffy’s empty threats, Sentomaru proceeds to smash Fake Luffy into the ground with the broad side of his ax while saying, “‘Straw Hat’ ain’t some shit like you!”. The recruits were shocked and Sentomaru ordered PX-5 to identify the impostor. It turns out that Fake Luffy is actually a pirate named “Trilingual” Demaro Black and has a bounty of 26,000,000 Beli. The recruits were shocked and angry. The other Imposter Straw Hats then try to flee the scene. Albion angrily stated that they would all be subject to Beli’s 26,000,000 fake bounty. Sentomaru tells the pirate recruits that they were idiots to believe in Fake Luffy and arrests them all. He is also aware of Luffy’s true presence as PX-5 identified him as soon as they arrived. Sentomaru then orders the PX-5 to focus on him, causing the real Luffy to lose his disguise.
Monkey D. Luffy was revealed to all the people there, shocking everyone. Sentomaru declares that he will arrest Luffy on the spot and again orders the PX-5 to attack him. Claiming that PX-5’s attack is slow, Luffy activates his Gear 2 followed by a haki infused “Gomu Gomu no Jet Pistol”, defeating PX-5 in one hit. He then ran away and saw the real Zoro and Sanji, who were then attacked by another Pacifist. They defeated it easily and then told each other how they defeated the Pacifist. This again shocked everyone. The pirates saw that they were nothing like fakes and the marines saw that the Straw Hat crew was alive. Luffy was glad they were reunited. Luffy then noticed Rayleigh, which shocked everyone around even more. Rayleigh claimed he came to see if they needed help, but it seems there is no need for him to do so. The chapter ends with Luffy thanking Rayleigh for everything over the past two years. Luffy raised his hands in the air and declared, “I will become the Pirate King!” At this, tears start to well up in the eyes of a smiling Rayleigh, while Sanji and Zoro just smile.

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