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Hammond is outraged by the fact that Luffy turned down his offer to become a subordinate of the New Fish-Man Pirates. Luffy sneers at Hammond while Chopper begs Luffy not to tease the fish man. Hammond, now angry, says he can’t let them through and orders the sea lion to attack. However, in the Thousand Sunny’s power room, Usopp tells Franky that they are ready to go. Luffy challenges Hammond to a fight, but Nami quickly orders the Coup de Burst to be fired. Franky states that he will settle the score with the sea lion another time. Hammond and his subordinates are surprised by the Coup de Burst. Using Coup de Burst will then exhaust the air from the bubble around the Thousand Sunny and squash the straw pirates into the ship. As the Straw Hats attempt to enter Fish-Man Island, the bubble coating around Thousand Sunny Island is torn apart by the bubble around Fish-Man Island. Robin quickly explains that the bubble is double-layered and that any ship would fall into the air pocket. The Straw Hats prepare to make another entrance to the island itself. Water enters the ship (there is no coating) and all the straw hats begin to sink. Sanji despairs over the four Devil Fruit users aboard the ship. Outside, Hammond and his subordinates are baffled by the “absurd method of entry” to Fish-Man Island. One asks if they should be pursued, and Hammond says yes. However, Hammond states that it would be awkward if Neptune’s army found the Straw Hats first. He then says that they should go back to “Noah” and tell the boss to say that the one who crushed Arlong’s ambitions, Luffy, is here.
Meanwhile on Fish-Man Island: when Luffy wakes up, he sees five little mermaids around him. He coughs up water, which scares the girls. Usopp celebrates Luffy waking up with Sanji and Chopper sitting next to him. When Luffy wakes up, he recognizes Camie. Now Camie is much older cooking with all the little girls around her waist. Sanji exclaims that she’s gotten cuter, while Camie herself apologizes for not bringing straw hats because she misremembered the date (a month off). Luffy is fascinated by the fact that they entered Fish-Man Island. Usopp informs him that the mermaids saved him and that he, Chopper, and Sanji only recently woke up. It turns out that they are inside Camie’s house where half of the interior is water. Luffy is also informed that they were all split up. Although he looks worried, Luffy says that they should all be fine. Sanji agrees, saying that “Bones” (Brook) would be useless in the water (because of Yomi Yomi no Mi), but that he should be fine since “Robo” (Franky) and “Green” (Zoro) will be there. . Camie brings soup to warm the four straw hats, but says that cold soup wouldn’t warm cold bodies. Usopp assures her that it’s okay. The five mermaids return saying the clothes are now dry and bring them. Camie introduces them as the “Medaka Mermaid Quintuplets”. Camie says that her house is in the “Mermaid Cove” part of the seabed and that it is a dormitory for the female staff of the town’s “Mermaid Cafe” and that there are a lot of beautiful mermaids working there as waitresses (including herself). Sanji nearly collapses at the thought, but soon catches himself and stops his nose from bleeding. Camie says they should go upstairs now. While at the underwater coral mansion, Camie instructs the turtle elevator to take them up, explaining that her house is part of the underwater coral mansion. Because her rent is cheap, she lives on the bottom floor, while the upper floors are more expensive because they get more light. The Straw Hats ask about Hatchan. Camie tells him that he’s recovering in the “Fish-Man District” because he’s a Fish-Man. He says it’s a scary place, but he’ll lead them there because Luffy wants to thank Hatchan face to face. They also ask about Pappag. Camie informs them that the starlet was now a super famous designer and lives in Gyoverly Hills (similar to Beverly Hills), a high class neighborhood. He invites the Straw Hats to come for a visit because he has to catch clams there anyway. Luffy asks why Camie isn’t with him since she was his master. Camie replies that it “doesn’t fit”. Around them are streams of straw, “waterways” along which one travels. The Straw Hats rise to the surface where a mermaid floats in the sky on a waterway. A female voice calls out Camie’s name to Sanji’s surprise. A group of beautiful mermaids is shown, all marveling at the Straw Hats’ performance of “illegal entry”. Camie introduces them to mermaids. Sanji begins to cry and exclaims in exaggeration that he found All Blue. He is shocked that a mermaid held his hand and asked him to dance in the sea. However, the two mermaids find an interesting barrel (the one that used to contain the Caribou). They assume it’s treasure or alcohol and notice it’s locked very tightly. One asks if they should open it.
At Noah’s, Hammond asks what he should do. The face silhouette tells him to bring him here (referring to Luffy).

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