One Piece Manga Chapter 62

One Piece Manga Chapter 62

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Don Krieg is disappointed by Gin’s decision to disobey him and refuse to kill Sanji. He decides to kill Gino, his own commander, through his MH5 poison gas. Luffy and Sanji try to convince Gin that his captain is not worth his life. However, Gin accepts his fate as a failure. He betrayed his captain and feels he deserves to die. When Don Krieg drops a poison bomb, Luffy steals two masks and throws them at Sanji and Gino. When he realizes there is no one left for him, one miraculously lands next to him.
Once the poison smoke clears, everyone is safe except Gin, who sends his mask back to Luffy.
Don Krieg is disappointed in Gin because he disobeys his order to kill Sanji. Before that, Gin was the person he trusted the most. Krieg sees in Gin’s personality an excess that will prevail on the battlefield. Gin says that he will always respect and admire Krieg. However, he cannot kill Sanji and asks to set Baratie free. Krieg gets angry at Gino’s bile. The Krieg Pirates remain confused about what happened to Gino.
Krieg prepares to launch his MH5 bomb. All of Krieg’s crew take off their masks to survive. Krieg demotes Gin and asks him to drop his mask. Don Krieg’s pirates can’t believe that Krieg would kill Gino. Gin was very loyal, for example when the crew cloaked themselves from Fullbody, Gin went alone to the marine ships and disguised himself as the captain. Gin always sacrificed himself to save Krieg and would do anything to win, that’s why people called him “Demon”.
Meanwhile, Luffy tries to stop Krieg but fails. Luffy steps back and announces that he will save Gin from Krieg. But Gin still believes in Krieg as his commander and discards the mask as he was commanded. Krieg firing from MH5. The Baratie cooks escape by diving underwater, and Krieg’s crew use their masks to protect themselves from the poisonous gas.
Thinking quickly, Luffy takes two masks off some of Krieg’s pirates. He gives the masks to Sanji and Gino. When Luffy wants to take the mask for himself, there are no masks left. He suddenly notices the mask as MH5 activates and places it on his face. After 5 minutes the gas dissipates and Gin is revealed not to have been wearing a mask. Luffy realizes that Gin selflessly gave him his mask.

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