Read One Piece Manga Chapter 629


Jinbe and Luffy argue about how to handle the Hody Jones situation while everyone else tries to convince them not to fight. Luffy tries to escape on Megala, but Jinbe hits him with a Fish-Man Karate attack. Everyone wonders how the attack could have hurt Luffy. Jinbe explains that Fish-Man Karate users control the water around them, and since all living creatures are technically nothing more than bags of water, even Luffy is weak against it. Luffy uses “Gomu Gomu no Jet Stamp” on Jinbe, but he barely injures him as he deflects the hit. They try to fight again, but Robin appears between them, saying that it’s enough fighting. Luffy and Jinbe tell her to move, Sanji, thinking Robin is in danger, jumps to her, Robin disappears, leaving Sanji in the crossfire of Luffy and Jinbe’s punches against each other. As the three fell to the ground, Robin came out of the forest and confused Chopper. Jinbe tells Luffy that if he, the man who stopped Arlong, took down Hody, the wall between humans and fishmen would only grow stronger. Sanji, still on the ground, tells Jinbe that it’s only natural that they would want to save their crewmates, but Fish-Man Island and the friends they’ve made there are also in danger. He then notes Hatchan’s reluctance to tell them about how he got hurt and deduces that the New Fish-Man Pirates did it. Sanji tells Jinbe that even though it’s his country, they have a reason to stay and fight. He then goes into a perverted outburst about the mermaids on the island. Jinbe and Luffy are still at odds about it.
At Ryugu Palace, Hody is about to leave, leaving only a few guards to open the door when he returns, as the palace is like an impenetrable fortress. He then makes a joke about the king, noting that his wound from Zoro still hurts when he is asked about the captured Straw Hats. After being given some energy steroids, he said that the Straw Hats would drown in the chamber and that no one would be able to save them. Hody learns that the inhabitants of the Fish-Man District are on their way. Hody says they will have a lot of homes from citizens who will either leave or be killed and says it will be a great nation where everyone despises humans.
In Candy Factory Town, Daruma eats parts of the candy factory wall. He is furious that his subordinates brought him cappuccinos and pastries for a snack like some office lady. He threatens to tear fishmen apart and that his favorite food is giant fish bones. As he sets out to kill some soldiers, he tells his men to leave the citizens alone as they already know their fates. The citizens take note of the power of the New Fish-Man Pirate members. Now they believe their only hope is the three princes.
Back at Ryugu’s palace, Brook reveals that he can remove his soul from his body. He explains that he discovered it while praying and perversely asks them what they think he did first, much to Usopp’s jealousy and Zoro’s annoyance. Usopp tells Brook to find Pappago and let him find the keys while Zoro tells him to get his sword and he cuts open the cage. Brook finds Pappag and tries to get him to help them, but Pappag scares Brook and runs for his life.

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