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Dosun and his comrades were defeated and chained by Fukaboshi. Due to the severe injuries he sustained in the fight with Fukaboshi, his pronunciation of “-dosun” was reduced to “kotsun”. Fukaboshi and his brothers went to save their father. Dosun’s speech patterns change depending on how much power he has left. The citizens plan to use Dosun as a hostage to prevent the execution of the king, but Dosun tells them that Hody will not hesitate to dump his friends. The pirate throws an energy steroid into Dosun’s mouth. At first, he spoke softly to the residents, but his speech pattern began to change. He then rips the chains that hold him. He swears revenge on Fukaboshi as Dosun destroys the house with his hammer. Dosun then tells his men that he is headed for Gyoncorde Plaza.
A drunken Hyouza is seen outside the Fish-Man’s Meeting Hall. When drunk, Hyouzou slashes people without any discrimination, dismembering many of the new Fish-Man pirates who come to try to sober him up.
The scene shifts to the Marine Mall. Zeo attacks the citizen with a chained weapon. They can’t tell where Zeo is attacking from. It turns out that Zeo has the ability to blend in with his surroundings. While appearing invisible to them, Zeo tells the citizens that they have no hope. Three pirates see a cockroach and try to smash it. It turns out that the roach was under Zeo and the pirates inadvertently smashed Zeo as well. After Zeo reappears, the pirates are shocked at their mistake. Zeo starts talking as if nothing happened (he calls himself a noble of fishmen). He then stands up and tells his men to head for Gyoncorde Plaza.
Fukaboshi and his brothers also head to the square while riding their gondola. One of the soldiers pointed out that Hody might set a trap, but Fukaboshi decided to stop Hody. Manboshi now understands why Jinbe has always followed Hody and why the human pirates haven’t visited the island recently, while Ryuboshi wonders if their sister is safe. Fukaboshi and Manboshi discuss the Straw Hat Pirates. They both agree that despite Madam Shyarly’s prediction, they sense no ill intent from the Straw Hat Pirates. Manboshi also adds that the mermaids of Mermaid Cove are able to see people’s bad intentions and said nothing.
In Gyoverly Hills, a sea bear attacks ministers and palace soldiers while Ikaros Much watches from the sidelines. Even though the ministers and soldiers are utterly defeated, the sea bear continues to attack. The pirates use fire to scare off the sea bear in an attempt to stop it. Ikaros Much sees the fire and screams. He bends his body backwards in horror. He tells them to put out the fire and the pirates ask him why the flame is bothering him. Ikaros is apparently traumatized by his giant octopus friend who got too close to the sun and dried up, and Ikaros developed a fear of fire. Ikaros then impales the offender with his dried squid spear. Spearheads are dried squid that suck all the water out of anyone they pierce and go back into the live squid. Ikaros then punches the dried up pirate.
He looks up to see Hody and his crew riding a sea monster with King Neptune in tow. He asks what’s wrong with Hody. One of the pirates says that Hody was still taking pills to ease the pain he got from Zoro, and the side effects of the pills are starting to cause him immense pain to the point that Hody is having trouble breathing. Hody screams in pain and it scares the sea bear. Hody stands up (only his arms are visible in the panel).

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